Talbot Green

Talbot Green (Tonysguboriau or Tanysguboriau in Welsh) is a town just north of the M4 motorway, in the County Borough of Rhondda Cynon Taf, Wales in the United Kingdom.


Talbot Green is located at the mouth of the short and mountainous Ely Valley, between Mynydd Garthmaelwg (Llantrisant forest) and Y Graig (Llantrisant).

The River Ely runs through along the town boundary before continuing to Pontyclun, running alongside the Warehouses of A F Blakemore & Son ltd, who run a portion of the SPAR UK retail chain. The town is bordered by the hill town of Llantrisant to the east, the Village of Pontyclun to the South and Llanharan a few miles to the West.


The area has links to the rest of Wales with the A4119 linking it in the south to the M4 Motorway, and to the north to the South Wales Valleys. The Talbot Green by-pass opened in 1991 to relieve traffic in the town through disabling access to or from Pontyclun via Cowbridge Road, and provided a shorter route for the A473 Bridgend to Pontypridd Road. In September 2010, a £90m by-pass linking Talbot Green to Pontypridd was opened. The by-pass is notable for its three dormouse bridges, built to protect the endangered animals.

Sign showing the transport links in the area

A single track railway runs north from Pontyclun railway station (which is the towns nearest railway station), turning west at Talbot Green to run roughly parallel to the Afon Clun, alongside the north of the A473, and originally ran to the Cwm Coking Works at Tynant, Beddau. All the original railway infrastructure remains intact between Talbot Green and Pontyclun, including the track, signals and bridges.

The track is still embedded in the road where it crosses the A473, the warning lights remain at the roadside and the roadsigns warn drivers to stop if they see warning lights flash at the level crossing. A recent consultative study (Sewta Rail Strategy Study—January 2006) has considered the possibility of reopening the Pontyclun to Beddau branch line, as a passenger line rather than just for freight. This would require new stations at Talbot Green, Llantrisant, Gwaun Meisgyn and Beddau (Tynant).

Retail parks

Talbot Green has two large retail parks, Glamorgan Vale retail park and Talbot Green shopping park.

Glamorgan Vale retail park was opened circa 1996 and an extra unit was built in 2004 around the same time as the expansion of Talbot Green shopping park. It is located on the A473 Talbot Green bypass. It has the total of 11 shopping units and 1 fast food/drive thru restaurant.

Talbot Green shopping park was opened circa 1996 initially with 3 units, then later to 14 shopping units and 1 fast food restaurant and 2 coffee shop within the store concessions in 2004/05 and expanded further again after one unit was divided into two in 2012 thus having a total of 15 shopping units. It expanded once again due to a conversion of a former Comet unit into a food quarter containing 3 restaurants and a coffee shop.

The conversion started in May 2014 and was completed in late November with the restaurants and coffee shop opening in December 2014, thus dropping the shopping units back down to 14 and the food and drink outlets and concessions up to 7 now known collectively as ‘Taste @ TG’. In early 2015, another retail unit was divided into 2 thus raising a total of shopping units back up to 15. Some units are located alongside the A4119 Talbot Green to Ynysmaerdy Dual Carriageway which are the older units (one of which has been converted to a food and drink outlet) and the other units are located on the former Tesco site and Newpark shopping precinct (which had independently run businesses that have subsequently moved elsewhere in the area or closed completely) after the former relocated in 2003 to the former site of the Homeworld Department store, which closed in 1999 and was demolished the following year and left derelict for several years.

There is also a Tesco Extra store, that was once the largest in Wales, after the store was expanded in 2005, but overtaken by the store in Culverhouse Cross, and later Fforestfach.


The town also has a golf club, and industrial estates including Coedcae Lane and Lanelay Industrial Estate. The Department Store Leekes is also situated in Talbot Green at Cowbridge Road, near Pontyclun.

The town also has a development of Offices, Hotel, Pub and a private Health facility which is located in Magden Park on the Ely Meadows alongside the A4119 Talbot Green to Ynysmeardy dual carriageway near the Royal Glamorgan Hospital. It also has the Avionics department of British Airways and is also the headquarters of the Welsh Blood Service.

Talbot Green’s most significant building is Lanelay Hall, until recently the headquarters of the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, who moved just over two miles away, to the former Buy As You View head office at Forest View Business Park, Ynysmaerdy, Llantrisant, in February 2009.

Is Talbot Green disabled friendly?

In a recent letter to the Pontypridd & Llantrisant Observer, Jonathan Bishop, the Labour Party Candidate for Talbot Green in this June’s elections, asked what is being done for disabled people in Talbot Green. “In my time visiting Talbot Green I have noticed that there is a lack of provision for wheelchair users.” he said. “I think the council should provide safe routes to the shops by placing more drop curbs and pedestrian crossings where wheelchair users need them.

He called on Councillor Paul Baccara to put himself in the shoes of disabled people and do something to help them.

Getting value for money?

Since Labour lost control of RCT Council in 1999, the present Nationalist-led council has received an extra £82 million from the Labour-led Assembly Government. That is the message of Talbot Green Youth Officer Jonathan Bishop.

The Nationalists have brought in charges for home care, increased the cost of meals on wheels, put up leisure centre charges with a decrease of opening hours, increased rental charges of sports grounds and closed day centres for our ageing population,” he said. “Ask yourself, ‘What do you get for your payment of council tax in the Talbot Green area?‘”

Safer Streets, falling crime in Talbot Green

Labour its is investing record amounts in fighting crime, says Talbot Green Labour candidate Jonathan Bishop.

We are reforming the criminal justice system and reforming policing to get more police on the street – fighting crime,” he said. “As of March 2002, there is now a record number of police officers in England and Wales.
Our policies to cut crime are working – the British Crime Survey shows overall crime is down by 22 per cent since 1997, but we recognise that it is still too high and street crime remains a challenge.
We are cutting crime in Talbot Green by being tough on crime and tough on its causes. Total recorded crime in England and Wales fell by 7 per cent from 1997 to 2001.

New partnerships between the police and local authorities have been set up, and new measures to curb loutish and anti-social behaviour have been introduced. Labour is working right across government to eradicate the causes of crime too.

Involving Youth in the Community

The youth of Talbot Green have a lot to contribute to the community to make it a place for all to enjoy. That is the message of local Labour Party Youth Officer, Jonathan Bishop.

Communities like Talbot Green can benefit a great deal from involving young people in decision making,” he said. “Young people are full of ideas about how to improve their community, they just need to be given a chance to express them.

If you have any ideas about how to improve Talbot Green, Jonathan can be contacted at http://www.jonathanbishop.org.uk/chat/