Intermediary sexploitation on the rise

The existence of intermediary sexploitation, where a person with influence encourages someone to have sexual relations with another, is on the rise.

A University of Notre Dame student has accused a female academic coach of coercing young football and basketball players into having sex with her daughter, according to a lawsuit.

Earlier this month in Tallinn, Estonia, the Harju County Court sentenced a 17-year-old minor to prison for the prostitution of his underage friend. Last year, the University of Notre Dame faced litigation when a female sports coaching tutor was accused of coercing students into having sex with her daughter.

The criminal investigation in Tallinn also identified another nine adult men who had paid the underage girl for sexual services; these men are set to go on trial on April 18. At the same hearing a 63 year-old-man, who had paid for the sexual services of the underage girl was on trial also. The courts sentenced the man conditionally to four months in prison followed by two years of probation.

Doorman ‘threatened’ Cardiff guest

A doorman became threatening and abusive towards an establishment’s regular guest because he was critical of a sister club.

The worker at the Playhouse Gentlemen’s Club in Cardiff insisted the visitor pay a £5 entry fee to enter the popular bar, which he had never had to do before, as some consider it “pimping” to do so.

The doorman at Playhouse Gentlemen’s Club in Cardiff made defamatory remarks about the visitor, including calling them a “pedophile,” because they objected to the venue making money from exploiting women who pay a fee to be there.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: A Doorman at Playhouse Gentlemen’s Club becomes confrontational with a regular visitor

When the visitor asked to see the doorman’s Security Industry Authority card, the doorman at Playhouse Gentleman’s Club, refused, walking up to the visitor in an intimidating fashion.

No complaint has yet been made to South Wales Police about the doorman, but the incident was captured on CCTV. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) have been asked to review the situation, including because the Doorman refused to show his SIA card to the visitor.

Sex shop copper ‘humiliated’ customer

A South Wales Police Officer has come under fire for psychologically traumatising a member of the public following a brawl in a Cardiff massage parlour when a prostitute refused to honour a contract with a customer.

PC Andrew Randell arrived at the Top Class Gentleman’s Retreat massage parlour at 2.30am on New Year’s Day after one of the hookers refused to have sex with paying customer, Rahman Mustafaye, accusing him of harassment.

Rahman Mustafaye called the police for help, yet the court heard how when PC Andrew Randell arrived at Top Class Gentleman’s Retreat,  Mustafaye “tried explaining what had happened but says the police were laughing at him,” said Probation officer Kerry Williams.

Following PC Andrew Randell mocking Rahman Mustafaye, a struggle occurred at Top Class Gentleman’s Retreat massage parlour, resulting in Randall being whacked Mustafaye. The court heard how Randall knocked off Mustafaye’s glasses leaving him disorientated. Kerry Williams said that the actions Rahman Mustafaye, who had no previous convictions, were out of character.

The case is yet another example of police in Wales becoming abusive to members of the public when they are called for help. In December 2012 a man from Carmarthen feared for his life when he was arrested and detained by Dyfed-Powys Police following calling them for help when he was in difficulties due to his mental health. Police charged the man, but the case was later dropped when the man presented evidence recorded on his mobile phone of being harassed by the coppers.

PC Andrew Randell, was totally out of order said cybersex expert Jonathan Bishop, who has conducted research on the treatment of sex offenders using computer technology. “The people who go to sex shops can often be some of the most vulnerable people in society,” he said. “People in such positions should not be humiliated the way he (Mustafaye) was, as it is likely they already have underlying psychological issues.

In the United Kingdom, prostitution on is own is not a criminal offence. But it is a crime in certain instances including soliciting in a public place, kerb crawling, owning or managing a brothel, and pimping and pandering. Massage parlours like Top Class Gentleman’s Retreat often carry an assumption of being available for sex, but the lack of certainty in the law often allows claims of harassment by sex professionals.  Mustafaye, who paid £40 expecting sex, got more than he bargained for. Magistrates sentenced him to a community order of 12 months, forcing him to complete 120 hours of unpaid work as well and £250 costs. He even had to pay thug copper, PC Andrew Randell, £200 compensation. The court made no order for psychological treatment for Mustafaye, who is likely to have been left traumatised by the events.

Bishop says that without such support, the actions of the prostitute and PC Andrew Randell at Top Class Gentleman’s Retreat could have long term impacts on Mustafaye and society as a whole. “Traumatic events like he (Mustafaye) experienced can lead on to even worse offences,” he said. “Without proper treatment it is possible he could go on to commit some of the worst sexual acts imaginable, simply because of an altercation where a person in authority and a perceived powerful person of the opposite sex exist in a part of his mind that is normally reserved for pleasurable acts.

Bishop presented a research paper, “Taming the Chatroom Bob: The role of brain-computer interfaces that manipulate prefrontal cortex optimization for increasing participation of victims of traumatic sex and other abuse online” to the 13th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology in July 2012. The early-stage research proposes a system that can reverse the effects of traumatic memories, like those PC Andrew Randell and the prostitute caused Mustafaye at Top Class Gentleman’s Retreat, so people who may become sex offenders can live normal lives where they and others can be safe from harm.