Lisa Mannay

Lisa Mannay is a twice graduate of the University of South Wales, gaining a HND in Multimedia and a BSc in Multimedia Studies. Lisa has been significantly involved in the performing arts, including acting and local music scenes. She has significant experience in marketing and uses social media to share auto-ethnographic experiences of sales environments.


Jonathan Bishop and Lisa Mannay. Using the Internet to make local music more available to the South Wales community. In: Jonathan Bishop (Ed.). Transforming Politics and Policy in the Digital Age. IGI Global, Hershey, PA.

Niki Lambropoulos

Dr. Niki Lambropoulos is an experienced HCI Education e-learning expert, researcher, consultant, HCI designer & researcher, and online communities manager. Her interests fall in the fields of Human-Computer Interaction Education, E-Learning, Idea Management for Distributed Leadership and User Innovation Networks.

Her specialisation is in Collective Intelligence theory, design and system development and covers the following fields: collaborative learning, co-creativity and community management in Computer Supported Collaborative eLearning (CSCeL); open innovation and user innovation networks in business strategic development; idea generation and distributed leadership in Project Management; and collective intelligence systems design in Human-Computer Interaction.

Her breadth of activities vary from quantitative and qualitative research, social network analysis, business intelligence, as well as software design, online community and e-learning design and engineering, community management, and even presentations, professional speaking and web design.

Studying the leaps between developments reveals patterns of evolution helps to forward existing ideas getting ever further by collaboration and co-creativity. In this way ideas can develop as notes in a music composition allowing infinite possibilities. As imagination is based on previous knowledge, she can translate scientific information into projects and business settings as well as systems requirements. lastly, she believes in equality and encouraging people to develop their personal skills and attributes.

Niki can be contacted by email at: