Rhondda AM benefits from ‘female privilege’ at South Wales Police

The Welsh Assembly member for Rhondda, Leanne Wood, has benefited from the proven benevolent sexism at South Wales Police, amounting to what an expert calls ‘female privilege.’

Plaid Cymru’s Leanne Wood became one of the many women in South Wales who benefit from police attention for Internet trolling just because they are women.

A freedom of information request by Crocels News has found up to 5 times as many men are arrested and charged for Internet trolling as women.

Leanne Wood’s victim, popular DJ Dave Begley, sent a spur of the moment tweet to Leanne Wood’s Twitter account, which she was not manning due to being on the television at the time. The tweet conveyed a non-credible threat that Begley wished Leanne Wood was “gang raped by immigrants,” when it was in the moment and not intended to be perceived as Mr Begley’s actual opinion.

Popular DJ Dave Begley becomes the latest victim of the female privilege at South Wales Police whre more men are being charged for Internet trolling than women.
VICTIM: Popular DJ Dave Begley becomes the latest victim of the female privilege at South Wales Police where more men are being charged for Internet trolling than women. Courtesy: Encore Communications Inc

Internet trolling and cyberstalking expert Councillor Jonathan Bishop, of Action on Digital Addiction and Cyberstalking, says he is not surprised by the situation. “My research has found that South Wales Police are up to five times more likely to take action where the person accused of trolling is a man and the accuser is woman,” he said. “This female privilege at the heart of South Wales Police is totally unacceptable as everyone should have equal access to justice regardless of their sex.
The legal case of Calver v The Adjudication Panel for Wales found that politicians are expected to have a thicker skin and the case of DPP v Chambers found that someone has to feel apprehension to be a victim of trolling.
Rape threats are common online and most are non-credible threats.
If the leader of Plaid Cymru feels apprehension from receiving a non-credible threat on Twitter, one should ask whether she is in the right job.

Councillor Bishop said that most trolling laws focus on the rights of the victim as opposed to the rights of the public in general, and he did not think police time should be focussed on public figures like Leanne Wood. “I might have had a different opinion on the prosecution of Mr Begley if the focus had not been on Leanne Wood’s feelings, but if he had been prosecuted under the Public Order Act for making threatening statements that could offend members of the public,” he said. “We should question why the police are spending time on rape threats rather than focusing on actual victims of rape of all sexes who all too often are blamed, disbelieved or otherwise fobbed off by the police for what is usually a planned attack against them.

District Judge Neil Thomas of Swansea Magistrates Court sentenced Dave Begley to 12 weeks in prison. Leanne Wood remains the Welsh Assembly Member for Rhondda.

Jonathan Bishop’s research paper on South Wales Police, “The Thin-Blue Web: Police Crime Records of Internet Trolling Show Chivalrous Attitudes That Can Be Resolved through Transfer of Powers,” was published in the Handbook of Research on Cultural and Economic Impacts of the Information Society by IGI Global in 2015. His research paper on rape threats, ‘Cyber-stalking or just plain talking?: Linguistic properties of rape-threat messages reflect underlying compulsive behaviours” was published in the book  Psychological and Social Issues Surrounding Internet and Gaming Addiction also by IGI Global in 2015.

Merseyside Police apologise for jokes about rape

Merseyside Police has apologised for jokes about rape that was posted to its Twitter account.

The first message read: “Just confirm there was no actual rape. Sunderland certainly got caught with their pants down.” The tweet was posted in response to a message which said: “Hello. I’d like to report an incident of rape that occurred at Goodison Park, Liverpool, on November 1st at 3:00.

The Merseyside Police Twitter account posted a second message: “Afraid not, it’s not a criminal offence to lose week in, week out“.” This was in response to the subsequent tweet to them by another user: “I’d like to report an incident that’s been going on for ages. Chelsea get raped every week, can you help?

The tweets were removed two hours later.

Trolling legacy for convicted rapist’s victim

Ched Evans was convicted of raping a teenager, whose identity was revealed on Twitter.
Ched Evans was convicted of raping a teenager, whose identity was revealed on Twitter. Courtesy: Wikipedia

The woman a court has found to be raped by footballer Ched Evans is continuing to relive her horror as trolls continue their campaign of terror against the teenager.

Sicko fans of Ched Evans have forced the woman he was convicted of raping to move home 5 times, her father has said. Convicted rapist, Evans, even sought to rub salt in the wounds, by posting a CCTV video allegedly showing the teenager going into a hotel with a man later acquitted of rape, which was prior to being engaged in sex by Evans.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, the father of the teenager spoke of the effect supporters of the now disgraced footballer were having on his daughter. “It’s the fifth time she’s had to move in under three years, she is just living her life on the run,” he said. “I couldn’t even see her over Christmas because it’s too risky for her to visit me.
I don’t even know where she is living at the moment, so I haven’t been able to give her the Christmas presents I bought her.
The last time I saw her was almost a year ago, and it’s been hard not having her at home over Christmas. I just want her near me so I can protect her.

The UK’s Attorney General’s office has said they will be looking into a letter sent by the father of the teenager about the situation. “One of our senior lawyers has been seriously considering the number of issues raised in the letter since we received it on November 12 and we hope to reach a conclusion shortly,” a spokesman said. “We apologise that the victim’s father has not been kept updated and we will be in touch with him as soon as possible.

Bollatelli no ‘LOLing matter’

Italian football star, Mario Bolatelli, has faced a barrage of racist abuse on Twitter after mocking the defeat of Manchester United, who lost 5-3 to Leicester City.

Mario Bolatelli posted on Twitter the comment, “Manchester utd… LOL” prior to the racist abuse. Most of Bolatelli’s followers condemned the trolls for their racism.

Internet trolling expert Jonathan Bishop says that the trolls are acting in a predictable manner. “The people who posted racist remarks about Mario Bolatelli are probably not racist in person according to my research,” he said. “Had Mario Bolatelli been a woman, then the same people who were racist towards him would have been sexist, including making rape threats they would never make without the protection of their computer screen.