Doorman ‘threatened’ Cardiff guest

A doorman became threatening and abusive towards an establishment’s regular guest because he was critical of a sister club.

The worker at the Playhouse Gentlemen’s Club in Cardiff insisted the visitor pay a £5 entry fee to enter the popular bar, which he had never had to do before, as some consider it “pimping” to do so.

The doorman at Playhouse Gentlemen’s Club in Cardiff made defamatory remarks about the visitor, including calling them a “pedophile,” because they objected to the venue making money from exploiting women who pay a fee to be there.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: A Doorman at Playhouse Gentlemen’s Club becomes confrontational with a regular visitor

When the visitor asked to see the doorman’s Security Industry Authority card, the doorman at Playhouse Gentleman’s Club, refused, walking up to the visitor in an intimidating fashion.

No complaint has yet been made to South Wales Police about the doorman, but the incident was captured on CCTV. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) have been asked to review the situation, including because the Doorman refused to show his SIA card to the visitor.

Popular club ‘restricted’ thanks to police constable

The testimony of a police officer was instrumental in the restricting of hours of a popular Cardiff Club by a Cardiff Council licensing committee.

PC Tim Davies singled out the club, called DC, as being different from all other clubs. “There would have been four or five assaults that night (of an inspection) if we had not been there,” he said.

SAME OLD COP?: PC Tim Davies has targeted DC club in Cardiff. Courtesy: South Wales Police
SAME OLD COP?: PC Tim Davies has targeted DC club in Cardiff. Courtesy: South Wales Police

DC has an anti-authoritarian feel, and is popular with those who feel disenchanted with the system of which PC Tim Davies is part. The music at the club is mainly hip hop and R&B, strongly identifiable to those who feel let down by the authorities.

PC Tim Davies’s colleague, Tony Bowley, said that the “risky” and “gangster orientated” acts at the club created a “problematic” culture that was difficult to manage, claiming it was “bordering on irresponsible.”

DC will now have to cease serving alcohol at 2.30am and close by 3am. An out of touch councillor said they were justified in making the restrictions on the basis it was the “type of music” that they did not like.

PC Tim Davies has been subject to an investigation into misconduct in the past, but was cleared in an investigation conducted by a colleague at Cardiff Bay police station where he is based.

DC is in the saturation zone of Cardiff. Prior to Tim Davies’s appointment, the Playhouse Gentlemen’s Club was granted a licence, even though there were complaints from local business owners, and the saturation zone was in force at the time also.