Youth environmental project to come to Llantrisant

An innovative environmental project is set to expand its reach to Llantrisant, it has been revealed.

The Emotivate Project is set to expand its reach from Llantwit Fardre into Llantrisant in Wales as part of ambitious plans to link young people the two areas with other youths in Cam and Dursley in England.

These young people helped design and paint the murals displayed at the St Dyfrig's Underpass in Treforest.
YOUNG AT ART: These young people helped design and paint the murals displayed at the St Dyfrig’s Underpass in Treforest. Courtesy: Jonathan Bishop Limited.

The Emotivate Project was highly commended by Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council in 2014. It was the brainchild of Councillor Jonathan Bishop, who is also seeking election to Llantrisant Town in Wales and is already the parish councillor for Lower Cam in England, hoping to combine the two roles. “I hope that by being the local councillor for both communities I can make this project happen in a more ambitious fashion,” he said. “I have been a local councillor for 25 per cent of my life and as I have already run this project in Treforest and Llanwit Fardre, having served on the councils in both those areas.”

The Emotivate Project gives young people the chance to develop their understanding of the history area at the same time as improve their IT skills in order to design and paint a mural reflecting their ideas of the area’s past and present and what they want the future to be like.

Mark Beech is the Chief Personnel, Strategy & Quality Officer at the Crocels Community Media Group, which the project is being run under the auspices of. “I am really pleased that Councillor Jonathan Bishop will be running our highly commended project, not only in Llantwit Fardre as planned, but Llantrisant also,” he said. “Being a historian myself, I am confident that Jonathan has designed a programme that will energise young people to have the passion for the history of Llantrisant and Llanwit Fardre that he has.

ART ACTION: Jonathan Bishop coordinated the restoration of the underpass in Treforest as part of the Emotivate Project. Courtesy: Jonathan Bishop Limited.
ART ACTION: Jonathan Bishop coordinated the restoration of the underpass in Treforest as part of the Emotivate Project. Courtesy: Jonathan Bishop Limited.

Councillor Jonathan Bishop said his project would help bring both communities in England and Wales together, promoting fellowship between the two nations. “Being a Freeman of Llantrisant I am proud to stand for election in the town,” he said. “My grandfather founded the Llantrisant Workingmen’s Club, former Council Chairman Ivor Jacob is a relative, my Great Aunt Lottie was a musician in the town, my great grandfather was a carpenter who worked on the Parish Church’s roof.
This project will be going ahead whether I win or lose, and there is so much the communities have in common without having to share the same councillor.
We have the Billy Wynt in Llantrisant, and Cam has Cam Peak.
We have the Cwm Coke Works here, and Cam and Dursley have Cam Mills.
Llantrisant has its castle ruins, and Dursley Castle has legendary status there too.

Former Labour Councillor to sue over leadership vote veto

A former Labour councillor has said he will sue the Labour Party and the affiliated body he is a member of if they do not give him a vote in the Leadership election.

Jonathan Bishop, who served on two minor authorities for the Labour Party, says it and the centre-left group, Labour’s Progressives – of which he is a member – are breaching their statutory duty to process information about him accurately.
Jonathan Bishop (Dzon) with Kim Howells
IT’S ALL BLAIRITE: Jonathan Bishop (AKA Dzon) is pictured with fellow Blairite, Kim Howells. Courtesy: Jonathan Bishop LImited
Bishop is a former Labour Party councillor, officer and member, and says despite standing against a Labour candidate at the last election and being an officer in a different political party he meets the criteria to vote. “I like all other members of Labour’s Progressives 100% believe in the aims and mission of the Labour Party as put in place by Tony Blair,” he said. “I joined the Labour Party as New Labour, left it when Ed Miliband said New Labour was over, and I still see myself as New Labour.
It is most other members of the Labour Party who do not believe in Tony Blair’s changes that should not be allowed to vote, as even my local Labour MP says he does not support the Blairite changes to Labour’s aims and mission.
I support the values of the wider Labour Movement as much as I do Labour’s aims and mission, but think it can be better achieved through responsible capitalism. 
I feel like I am a New Labour exile of a party whose aims and mission I support.
I should not be excluded for standing against an official Labour candidate who does not believe in Tony Blair’s changes to the party’s rules, nor because I am an officer of a party with no members and no policies which is not in opposition to Labour, but founded as a co-operative like the Co-operative Party, which is Labour’s sister party.