Man convicted following use of Scan Net

A Barking man has been given a suspended prison sentence for an assault in Romford.

Gheorghe-Marian Ciovica, 30, of Eldred Road, Barking pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm (GBH). He was sentenced at Basildon Crown Court on 6 July 2015, to two years’ imprisonment suspended, 200 hours’ community service and a four month curfew from Romford town centre

On 2 May 2015, CCTV captured the moment when a 32-year-old man was suddenly pushed to the ground as he walked along South Street, Romford in the early hours of the morning. Just after the victim got to his feet, he was struck by a single punch causing him to fall and bang his head on the ground rendering him unconscious.

When police arrived on scene, the victim was being attended to by a friend and other members of the public and Ciovica had made off on a train towards central London.

Officers obtained CCTV footage showing Ciovica leaving a town centre venue where Scan Net – an ID scanner system checking and registering patrons’ identification as they enter licensed premises – had recorded his personal details as he gained access earlier in the evening.

Officers placed an alert on Scan Net to notify police upon Ciovica’s return.

Ciovica was arrested at a town centre venue when he returned on Saturday, 9 May. He was remanded to appear at Barkingside Magistrates’ Court on Monday, 11 May, where he pleaded guilty to a charge of GBH.

DC Ian Spring is from Havering CID Violent Crime Unit. “The use of Scan Net and CCTV around Romford town centre played a big part in identifying and capturing Ciovica,” he said. “Romford has a great nightlife and we hope people can safely enjoy what it has to offer.

In 2013, researchers at the Centre for Research into Online Communities and E-Learning System in Swansea devised a technology for using CCTV to reduce crime, including through automatic processing. The research is entitled, “Reducing Corruption and Protecting Privacy in Emerging Economies: The Potential of Neuroeconomic Gamification and Western Media Regulation in Trust Building and Economic Growth” and was published in the IGI Global book, “Economic Behavior, Game Theory, and Technology in Emerging Markets,” by Bryan Christiansen and Muslum Basilgan.