Call for changes in CCTV guidance on fly tippers

Calls have been made for the UK Government to review its policy on not allowing CCTV cameras to be used to catch fly tippers.

Although the Government introduced fixed penalty notices for small scale fly-tipping, the problem persists across the country, particularly on farmland.

Fly-tipping in London
TOP TIP: CCTV use for detecting fly-tipping was restricted by the Coalition Government. Courtesy: Alan Stanton (originally posted to Flickr as ‘Scales Road Mattress Mountain’)
Due to changes to the Law under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, installing security cameras on land to catch fly tippers is not permitted, making catching those responsible for causing damage to the land extremely difficult.

Gavin Williamson is the MP for South Staffordshire. “I was particularly concerned to hear about the fact that as a result of changes to the Law it is not possible to position cameras in order to crack down on fly tippers,” he said. “We are extremely fortunate to live in a very beautiful part of the country.
Incidents such as this are not only visually abhorrent, but can also be extremely damaging to our environment.
I have urged Ministers to review these measures so that these acts of vandalism can be stopped and prevent our green spaces from becoming a permanent eyesore in our picturesque countryside.

Councillor Jonathan Bishop is a privacy expert. “In my point of view preventing crime is more important than punishing it,” he said. “Once word spreads that sites at risk of fly tipping are being monitored with CCTV the amount of fly tipping will go down because people will not want to be caught.