Plebgate verdict ‘miscarriage of justice’

The ruling by a High Court judge in the United Kingdom that a police officer did not lie when he accused a government minister of calling him a “pleb” does not have the confidence of social media users.

Former Government Minister, Andrew Mitchell sued PC Toby Rowland, who Mr Mitchell had alleged fabricated claims he used the word “pleb,” when criticising the copper for going out of the way to make his passage through Downing Street on his bicycle difficult.

Louise Mensch was of the view the judgement was flawed. “No doubt in my mind that the #plebgate verdict is an appalling miscarriage of justice,” she said on Twitter. “I’m saying the judge was very clearly wrong based on the admitted police conspiracy over #plebgate with multiple bent police.

Writer and lawyer, David Allen Green said on Twitter: “Mitchell no doubt thinking that the judge was supposed to be more helpful, but is wisely keeping these thoughts to himself.

Gagging order to affect all Crocels networks

A gagging order affecting all of Crocels’s publications has been issued by South Wales Police.

The order prevents Crocels’s board of directors from publishing materials that make reference to a senior Tory politician “in any text, letter, e-mail or on any Internet site.”

CAUGHT OUT: Rapiere is an application being researched by Crocels to allow greater scrutiny of politicians who say different things to different people
CAUGHT OUT: Rapiere is an application being researched by Crocels to allow greater scrutiny of politicians who say different things to different people

The gagging order, which came into force on 17 July 2013, was issued following a series of articles being published on Crocels News exposing inconsistencies between how a high profile Conservative politician portrayed themselves in their propaganda and in the media and how they they actually are as a person.

Crocels uses an in-house system called ‘Rapiere’ to identify inconsistencies between what politicians and other public figures say in one forum and what they say in another. Mark Beech is the Chief Personnel, Strategy and Quality Officer at Crocels. “In the last year Crocels has secured a patent on a system that will soon mean members of the public will be able to use an application on their mobile phone to trip up politicians who want to puff up their reputations where this is not deserved.
The fact that the directors of all Crocels companies have been gagged by South Wales Police shows just how powerful this technology will be in holding to account public figures when they would rather go unchallenged.

An example of ‘Rapiere’ in action is pictures to the top right. It can be seen a former Labour politician, Lorraine Barrrett was exposed by the inventor of Rapiere, Jonathan Bishop, for saying one thing online and a different thing in print-media. Crocels has said it is taking legal advice on how to overturn the gagging order imposed following the complaint by the senior Tory exposed on Crocels News.

Tax-payer funded tweeting ‘scandalous’ says expert

A former Pontypridd town councillor has condemned the Welsh Government and South Wales Police for the funding of a Twitter project involving a South Wales Police officer receiving tax payers money to spend their time tweeting the incidents they are handling.

Jonathan Bishop, a social media expert based in Swansea, says that the policy is totally wrong. “It is scandalous that at a time when finances are tight that South Wales Police are splashing out on trying to keep up with the information age – at our expense.

The tweeting is done by Rhondda community support officer Ryan Carter, who regularly patrols the streets of Brynna, near Talbot Green, and has received funding from the Welsh Government to post updates to Twitter.

Bishop, who is an expert on data misuse laws, having had a paper on the topic published in the International Review of Law, Computers and Technology, says the tweets breach confidentiality.”It might be one thing for the police to state the area they are in, but to state the alleged crimes they are investigating at the same time is not right for those reporting the offence nor those accused of it.
Some might argue that it amounts to Internet trolling, but it is unlikely that South Wales Police would want to prosecute their own for trolling – only the public who pay their wages.

South Wales Police attack exposed on Facebook

Brutality by South Wales Police has been exposed in a six minute video posted to Facebook in what has been called a “take-down.”

South Wales Police were caught out when a police officer in Barry Island was recorded clamping a shirtless man in handcuffs and kicking him in the back of the legs to knock him to the floor.

The video shows friends asking: “what’s he being charged with?” One PCSO replied: “I don’t know, mate.” It has been described by members of the public as “disgusting,” but South Wales Police have defended the officers actions. They do not intend to subject the officer to any disciplinary proceedings, and say that this “take-down,” was justified.

VILE AND BRUTAL: South Wales Police cuff and kick a reveller in Barry. Obtained from
VILE AND BRUTAL: South Wales Police cuff and kick a reveller in Barry. Obtained from

Nathan Jones, who filmed the incident, said: “This is how we get treated by those who are supposed to protect us.
He had done nothing wrong, not one officer could even explain the situation or tell us why he was being detained.

Darryl Richardson who also witnessed the event said: “Hopefully by uploading this video word will spread and something will be done about that police officer.”

Jonathan Bishop is an Internet trolling and online free speech expert. “This is just the sort of behaviour one has come to expect from South Wales Police,” he said. “Their policies and behaviour are totally out of line with today’s values and ideals and also out of kilter with statute and common law.
South Wales Police will send out notices to people accused of harassment and domestic violence, following malicious complaints, and yet they are violent to members of the public and somehow think they are justified!
This incident shows how disgustingly hypocritical they are. They have one rule for those in the establishment, and one rule for everyone else!

South Wales Police have said in the past that Barry has a zero-tolerance policy on alcohol and anti-social behaviour, and that they have regular police patrols.  which is enforced by regular police patrols. Sergeant Matt Rowlands of Barry police said: “Visitors should be able to enjoy themselves and not be subjected to verbal abuse and rowdy behaviour.
We will continue to conduct patrols of the area and take positive action against anyone behaving in such a manner and spoiling the enjoyment of law-abiding members of the public.

Whilst the police look likely to get away with their abuse, a 24-year-old man was arrested at the scene and later charged with a public order offence and is due appear at Cardiff Magistrates Court on July 26.

Allegations against public servant ‘untrue’

Allegations of tax avoidance against a Swansea civil servant have been claimed by a Welsh Government official to be unsubstantiated.

Eleri Lewis, who is a senior administrator at the Welsh Government’s Redundancy Action Scheme, ReAct, was accused of two counts of evading car tax between 2004 and 2005.  In 2012, Eleri Lewis refused to give a former director of an IT firm funding to retrain as a subject specialist for a career in lecturing or expert witness. The IT director believes that Eleri Lewis was overly suspicious of him because of her history.  When he robustly challenged one of her staff, she said she did not like his “tone” and suggested that he would not “attain a positive outcome” in his application because of it.

Sian Bryant, a spokesperson for the Welsh Government, said the allegations against Eleri Lewis of the Department for Education and Skills were “completely untrue and as such the whistleblowing panel will not be considering them at their next meeting.”

Some have questioned whether the response was adequate when it was considered only by one of Eleri Lewis’s colleagues at the Welsh Government and not the independent whistleblowing committee. Ashu M. G. Solo, known for fighting against extreme corruption in Canada, said this looks like a cover-up.  “A full investigation should take place independent of the Welsh Government. It’s clear that Eleri Lewis acted inappropriately by denying someone state aid just because she didn’t like his tone.”