Campaign against ‘biased’ BBC reporter “sexist”

Laura Kuenssberg has been accused of bias and overdramatising political news at the BBC.
BIASED OR DRAMATICAL? Laura Kuenssberg has been accused of bias and overdramatising political news at the BBC. Courtesy: Policy Exchange

A campaign calling for the sacking of BBC political editor, Laura Kuenssberg, for her “biased” reporting of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party has been called “sexist.

Jane Merrick is a former Independent on Sunday political editor said those campaigning against Laura Kuenssberg are sexist. “She has been called a whore and a bitch on Twitter,” she said about Laura Kuenssberg. “Nick Robinson used to be accused of Tory bias but he never experienced this level of nastiness.

Such allegations of sexism have been denied by the person who started the campaign. “I have been accused of sexist trolling on Twitter,” he said. “I would like to reassure everyone that I am a passionate advocate for equality in all areas, not just gender equality.
This petition has precisely zero to do with Kuenssberg’s gender.
“Regardless of the gender you identify with, there is no excuse for biased reporting and misrepresentation of facts when you represent an organisation that has been famed for its impartiality and balanced approach.

Councillor Jonathan Bishop is a member of the National Union of Journalists and the Chartered Institute of Journalists. “It would appear that Laura Kuenssberg is biased against Labour, but with her reporting of the Conservative divisions on the same day as the Queen Speech shows it goes deeper than that,” he said. “Laura Kuenssberg has a record going back to 2009 of trying to create drama out of politics when in reality it is boring stuff that does not interest most people.
If Laura Kuenssberg wants to dramatise politics then she should not be working for an organisation like the BBC which is meant to be objective and impartial, but should instead work for the tabloids where her style of reporting is the accepted norm.”