Jonathan Bishop elected as parish councillor for Cam East

Jonathan Bishop has been elected as the parish councillor for Cam East in the 2016 English local elections.

Jonathan Bishop was co-opted as the parish councillor for Lower Cam in 2015 and following a reorganisation of council wards ahead of the elections in May, now represents the Cam East ward on Cam Parish Council.

Councillor Jonathan represents Cam East on Cam Parish Council.
ELECTED: Councillor Jonathan represents Cam East on Cam Parish Council. Courtesy: Jonathan Bishop Limited.

Councillor Bishop says his plans for his term of office include to increase youth provision in the parish. “I will continue to push the council to replace the Skate Park at the Jubilee Fields with one suitable for all weathers,” he said. “It is also my intention to request the council to open up the wheelchair chicanes to Segways, so they can be used safely.

Cam Parish Council has also appointed Councillor Bishop to the Parish Cluster made up of local councillors from across Gloucestershire to meet with local government and emergency services chiefs. Councillor Bishop says he intends to encourage law enforcement agencies to think beyond outdated stereotypes. “Much anti-social behaviour results from people being drunk on licensed premises, so I also want the authorities to be tough on pub landlords who allow people to fall out drunk onto our streets, becoming either victims or perpetrators of crime,” he said. “Also, it is the case that domestic abuse is something that affects all sexes, but police resources are allocated in less equal a manner and so with same sex marriage now the norm, I will be seeking that such stereotypes are addressed by those who run the police and emergency services.

A representative from Suffragents, the men’s rights organisation, welcomed Councillor Bishop’s election and appointments. “Congratulations to Councillor Bishop and his committment to help a better community,” they said. “It is pleasing to note that he shall be serving on the Crime Committee as the area of crime is a major source of frustration to victims and how we can improve policing to reduce the fear that ordinary people have of feeling at threat.
I am sure that Councillor Bishop will take the opportunity to look into the question of both men and women being treated fairly and equally by the Police in cases of alleged Domestic Violence.
Too often we have had reports that men are being ignored and that there is a presumption that only women can be victims amongst the Authorities.