Is Talbot Green disabled friendly?

In a recent letter to the Pontypridd & Llantrisant Observer, Jonathan Bishop, the Labour Party Candidate for Talbot Green in this June’s elections, asked what is being done for disabled people in Talbot Green. “In my time visiting Talbot Green I have noticed that there is a lack of provision for wheelchair users.” he said. “I think the council should provide safe routes to the shops by placing more drop curbs and pedestrian crossings where wheelchair users need them.

He called on Councillor Paul Baccara to put himself in the shoes of disabled people and do something to help them.

Getting value for money?

Since Labour lost control of RCT Council in 1999, the present Nationalist-led council has received an extra £82 million from the Labour-led Assembly Government. That is the message of Talbot Green Youth Officer Jonathan Bishop.

The Nationalists have brought in charges for home care, increased the cost of meals on wheels, put up leisure centre charges with a decrease of opening hours, increased rental charges of sports grounds and closed day centres for our ageing population,” he said. “Ask yourself, ‘What do you get for your payment of council tax in the Talbot Green area?‘”

Safer Streets, falling crime in Talbot Green

Labour its is investing record amounts in fighting crime, says Talbot Green Labour candidate Jonathan Bishop.

We are reforming the criminal justice system and reforming policing to get more police on the street – fighting crime,” he said. “As of March 2002, there is now a record number of police officers in England and Wales.
Our policies to cut crime are working – the British Crime Survey shows overall crime is down by 22 per cent since 1997, but we recognise that it is still too high and street crime remains a challenge.
We are cutting crime in Talbot Green by being tough on crime and tough on its causes. Total recorded crime in England and Wales fell by 7 per cent from 1997 to 2001.

New partnerships between the police and local authorities have been set up, and new measures to curb loutish and anti-social behaviour have been introduced. Labour is working right across government to eradicate the causes of crime too.