Owen Smith ‘introduced’ to BBC by own father

Owen Smith’s job at the BBC was as a result of being introduced to the corporation by his father, it has been alleged by Press Gang.

Criticisms were levied at the BBC that claims Owen Smith got a job there and his father Dai Smith did the same year implied that he got the job before his father did, when that was not the case as his father was already established at the corporation.

It has been alleged that Owen Smith was introduced to the BBC by his father, Dai Smith.
LOOK MAM I’M ON TV: It has been alleged that Owen Smith was introduced to the BBC by his father, Dai Smith. Courtesy: Obtained from YouTube.

The Press Gang website raised concerns with the BBC asking for them to change the statement on their website, because in their view Owen Smith only got the job at the BBC due to nepotism. They also alleged that he had not been a member of the Labour Party for 30 years as he claimed, because in their view he only started getting interested in politics in his 30s.

Press Gang have now demanded that Owen Smith answer the following three questions:

  1. If he’s ever been a member of the National Union of Journalists;
  2. If he’s been a member of the Labour Party continuously since he joined at the age of 16; and
  3. If he will, as Jeremy Corbyn has done, make his tax returns public.

Owen Smith got election data from delayed project

Owen Smith has attempted to discredit Jeremy Corbyn’s claim that Labour was ahead in the polls until the attempts to oust him began – by using aggregated data from a voluntary project, which two years behind schedule.

In a debate with Jeremy Corbyn, Owen Smith quoted data from Britain Elects, which on their own website admit they are not as up-to-date as planned. It says on their website:

Our site, two years behind schedule, is currently under construction, but progress is being made! Slowly. It will hopefully be live within the next few months, although please don’t put that in your diary. If you wish to get in touch in the meantime, be it data, media or somesuch requests you can contact us on Twitter or throw us on email on queries@britainelects.com. We’ll aim to get back to you as soon as possible, but as we’re currently an entirely voluntary service, expect a delay by up to a few days.

Edward Parker, a supporter of Owen Smith, attempted to justify Owen Smith’s choice of data. “[I]t’s the average poll of polls, put together by Britain Elects,” he said. “[A]lso we haven’t been ahead in an opinion poll since April.

Owen Smith uses aggregated data from delayed project to attempt to discredit Jeremy Corbyn.
WHAT WAS STAT AGAIN?: Owen Smith uses aggregated data from delayed project to attempt to discredit Jeremy Corbyn. Courtesy: Obtained from britainelects.com

Jonathan Bishop, a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, says the method used by Britain Elects is suspect. “In simplest terms, a thousand flies does not make dog crap good,” he said. “Crocels Research predicted the Welsh Assembly results accurately by using a linear regression of the past performance of the parties when they contested elections against each other.
Aggregating different polls does nothing to help improve the statistical significance of the data, so if this is the only way Owen Smith can attempt to discredit Jeremy Corbyn then we should be asking whether his £200bn New Deal figures add up also.
At Crocels Base we have been looking into what Owen Smith has said in the past and what he is saying now, and whilst he has a good record of announcing big budget projects, he has never been in a position to actual implement them.

Hedge fund strategist heading Owen Smith’s campaign

A hedge fund strategist is the man behind Owen Smith’s bid to become leader of the Labour Party it has been revealed.

Alex Barros-Curtis is the only director of Owen2016 Campaign Limited, which is the corporation organising the Pontypridd MP’s campaign to oust Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Leader.

Alex Barros-Curtis is the director of Owen2016 Campaign Limited.
HEDGING HIS BETS: Alex Barros-Curtis is the director of Owen2016 Campaign Limited. Courtesy: Obtained from Twitter

During the period following Owen Smith moving from Surrey to Llantrisant when he became MP for Pontypridd and mounting his re-election bid for the Pontypridd constituency, Alex Barros-Curtis worked in the financial services industry for Allen & Overy. Alex Barros-Curtis describes his experience as follows:

Associate in the Derivatives and Structured Finance (DSF) Department at Allen & Overy, advising buy-side and sell-side market participants on a wide range of derivatives and structured finance matters. During my time in the DSF Department, I worked on a broad range of transactions, including interest rate and FX transactions and the hedging of complex secured financing arrangements. I also advised on the regulatory requirements arising in the context of such transactions, in particular those requirements relating to the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR). Alongside transactional matters, I advised a range of institutions on the impact of EMIR and associated regulations, with a particular focus on the implementation of procedures to comply with risk mitigation and reporting obligations.

Alex Barros-Curtis claims his skills as “limited proficiency” in French, capital markets, structured finance, hedging, interest rate hedging, and legal writing.

New pilot scheme “Adopt a Post Office” launched in Suffolk

Suffolk Trading Standards and Suffolk Police have been working with local post offices to trial the new ‘Adopt a Post Office’ scheme to share information about scams directly with communities.

Launched this week at the One Stop Stores on Ipswich Street, Stowmarket and at Post Office on Penzance Road, Kesgrave, Trading Standards and local neighbourhood policing teams will be able to work with sub-postmasters and staff to highlight various types of crimes that could affect their customers such as mail scams, internet dating scams and rogue doorstep traders.

Officers will not be permanently based within the branches but through their relationship with the Post Office, the teams can be present at periods of high footfall enabling them to interact with more residents.

Councillor Matthew Hicks is Suffolk County Council’s Cabinet Member for Trading Standards. “This is a really positive piece of partnership working, aimed at supporting the work of Police and Trading Standards in the local community,” he said. “I am delighted that we have had the support of the post offices and local shops in Kesgrave and Stowmarket.
Being a central part of the community along with their friendly approach to customers is an excellent way to reach Suffolk residents who may not have family and friends that they can turn to for advice on the latest scams.

Many people use post offices to transfer money, sometimes this money is sent to scammers.

Common “cons” include people sending cash on the promise of lottery prizes, or transferring money to internet ‘friends’ who have asked for money under the pretext of needing help.

With this new pilot, when post office staff suspect someone is being scammed, they will contact specialist officers from Trading Standards and Suffolk Police who will then offer advice and support.

Owen Smith opposed generic drug use in favour of Pfizer patents

It has been revealed that while working for Pfizer, the United Kingdom Labour leadership hopeful Owen Smith MP defended the protection of the pharmaceutical’s patents over allowing generic equivalents.

An Oxfam report from that Pfizer’s charging policies put millions of people in developing countries in a position where access to medication as lifesaving treatment was made out of their reach.

Pfizer said in a statement that “Patent protection makes drug discovery possible and profitable. It is the incentive that justifies investing billions of dollars and decades of time trying to find new cures.”

Owen Smith supported defending Pfizer's patents over generics.
NO GENERICS: Owen Smith supported defending Pfizer’s patents over generics. Courtesy: Press Association

Minutes from an All Party Parliamentary Group on Corporate Responsibility meeting quoted Owen Smith supporting the managing director of Pfizer UK, Olivier Brandicourt (OB). “Owen Smith… echoed OB’s earlier remarks about the industry’s need to protect commercially valuable intellectual property,” the document said.

Owen Smith supported benefits cap in defiance of Jeremy Corbyn

It has been revealed that when Labour leadership contender Owen Smith was Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary that he opposed Jeremy Corbyn’s call to abolish the benefits cap.

In September 2015 Jeremy Corbyn spoke against the “benefits cap” of a £120bn ($157bn) maximum budget imposed by the Conservative Government, which affects many of the most economically disadvantaged people in society. “My proposal, which the party will have to discuss – and they will – is that we should not impose the current benefit cap,” Jeremy Corbyn said. “I am a democrat,” and would have to “live with it” if it went the wrong way, he added.

Also in September 2015 the then Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Owen Smith stated he supported the benefit cap. “We remain in favour of a mechanism that allows us to have some constraints on how much families can draw down,” he said in defiance of Jeremy Corbyn.

Owen Smith supported the benefits cap, reducing the income of some of the most disadvantages people in society.
CAP IN HAND: Owen Smith supported the benefits cap, reducing the income of some of the most disadvantages people in society. Courtesy: Obtained from YouTube.

I was revealed in the last week that Owen Smith told a constituent with a disability that he couldn’t oppose Conservative Government benefits cuts because it would make Labour less electable.

Rhondda AM benefits from ‘female privilege’ at South Wales Police

The Welsh Assembly member for Rhondda, Leanne Wood, has benefited from the proven benevolent sexism at South Wales Police, amounting to what an expert calls ‘female privilege.’

Plaid Cymru’s Leanne Wood became one of the many women in South Wales who benefit from police attention for Internet trolling just because they are women.

A freedom of information request by Crocels News has found up to 5 times as many men are arrested and charged for Internet trolling as women.

Leanne Wood’s victim, popular DJ Dave Begley, sent a spur of the moment tweet to Leanne Wood’s Twitter account, which she was not manning due to being on the television at the time. The tweet conveyed a non-credible threat that Begley wished Leanne Wood was “gang raped by immigrants,” when it was in the moment and not intended to be perceived as Mr Begley’s actual opinion.

Popular DJ Dave Begley becomes the latest victim of the female privilege at South Wales Police whre more men are being charged for Internet trolling than women.
VICTIM: Popular DJ Dave Begley becomes the latest victim of the female privilege at South Wales Police where more men are being charged for Internet trolling than women. Courtesy: Encore Communications Inc

Internet trolling and cyberstalking expert Councillor Jonathan Bishop, of Action on Digital Addiction and Cyberstalking, says he is not surprised by the situation. “My research has found that South Wales Police are up to five times more likely to take action where the person accused of trolling is a man and the accuser is woman,” he said. “This female privilege at the heart of South Wales Police is totally unacceptable as everyone should have equal access to justice regardless of their sex.
The legal case of Calver v The Adjudication Panel for Wales found that politicians are expected to have a thicker skin and the case of DPP v Chambers found that someone has to feel apprehension to be a victim of trolling.
Rape threats are common online and most are non-credible threats.
If the leader of Plaid Cymru feels apprehension from receiving a non-credible threat on Twitter, one should ask whether she is in the right job.

Councillor Bishop said that most trolling laws focus on the rights of the victim as opposed to the rights of the public in general, and he did not think police time should be focussed on public figures like Leanne Wood. “I might have had a different opinion on the prosecution of Mr Begley if the focus had not been on Leanne Wood’s feelings, but if he had been prosecuted under the Public Order Act for making threatening statements that could offend members of the public,” he said. “We should question why the police are spending time on rape threats rather than focusing on actual victims of rape of all sexes who all too often are blamed, disbelieved or otherwise fobbed off by the police for what is usually a planned attack against them.

District Judge Neil Thomas of Swansea Magistrates Court sentenced Dave Begley to 12 weeks in prison. Leanne Wood remains the Welsh Assembly Member for Rhondda.

Jonathan Bishop’s research paper on South Wales Police, “The Thin-Blue Web: Police Crime Records of Internet Trolling Show Chivalrous Attitudes That Can Be Resolved through Transfer of Powers,” was published in the Handbook of Research on Cultural and Economic Impacts of the Information Society by IGI Global in 2015. His research paper on rape threats, ‘Cyber-stalking or just plain talking?: Linguistic properties of rape-threat messages reflect underlying compulsive behaviours” was published in the book  Psychological and Social Issues Surrounding Internet and Gaming Addiction also by IGI Global in 2015.

Owen Smith challenged over disability record

LIMITED CAPACITY: Owen Smith MP has been accused over statements about people with disabilities. Courtesy: Media Wales.
LIMITED CAPACITY: Owen Smith MP has been accused over statements about people with disabilities. Courtesy: Media Wales.

One of the two prospective candidates to challenge UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has been accused over his record on people with disabilities.

Owen Smith, who is the UK Member of Parliament for Pontypridd, was the Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary under Jeremy Corbyn leadership.

One person with a disability from Owen Smith’s Pontypridd constituency challenged his record in this area. “I asked Mr Smith why, given that the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) has been responsible for a great many more deaths than the Bedroom Tax, Labour had pledged to scrap the Bedroom Tax but had said nothing about pledging to scrap the WCA,” said resident and campaigner, Liza Van Zyl. “Mr Smith replied that Labour could not pledge to scrap the WCA because this would make Labour appear weak on benefits in the eyes of the media and compromise Labour’s general-election chances.
I am very concerned about Mr Smith’s attitude toward disabled people and particularly to his views that the deaths of disabled people are less important than Labour’s ‘tough on benefits’ standing in the right wing press.

Labour’s Owen Smith ‘planned’ leadership bid

The United Kingdom Member of Parliament, Owen Smith, who is likely to challenge the incumbent leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has likely been planning the coup since January 2016, it has been revealed.

DRUG MONEY: Owen Smith said that MP calls to reduce Pfizer's involvement in the NHS were "entirely motivated by commercial self-interest."
DRUG MONEY: Owen Smith said that MP calls to reduce Pfizer’s involvement in the NHS were “entirely motivated by commercial self-interest.” Courtesy: Obtained from Google Images.

Owen Smith is the member of Parliament for Pontypridd and signalled his intent to become Labour Leader in January.

Some have questioned Owen Smith’s suitability to by Labour Party leader, when his record on the NHS has included trying to push drugs made by Pfizer over other brands. “Basicaly Owen Smith you want to privatise the NHS You stand at opposite ends of the spectrum to Corbyn a true socialist & always has been,” one angry voter said. “No my friend you are not like Corbyn you are in favour of PFI a pay as you go NHS,” they concluded.

Owen Smith announced in January he was seeking to be leader of the Labour Party. “I think any politician who comes into this to want to change the world for the better, starting with their own patch and working outwards, I think their either in the wrong game or fibbing if they don’t say, ‘if you had the opportunity to be in charge and put your own vision for a better Britain would you take it?,” he said. “I don’t think there’s any vacancy right now,” he added.

PRIVATE EYES: Owen Smith called for greater private sector involvement in the NHS. Courtesy: Media Wales.
PRIVATE EYES: Owen Smith called for greater private sector involvement in the NHS. Courtesy: Media Wales.

Some have suggested that the current attacks on Jeremy Corbyn – whose party has got the most seats in every election under his leadership – are motivated by self-interest from those on the right of the party. It is argued these “Blairites” used the EU referendum result as an excuse to attempt to unseat Jeremy Corbyn, who they had not wanted since he was elected by over 60% of members in 2015. Despite using the EU referendum as an excuse to oust Jeremy Corbyn, research by YouGov found that 90% of Labour Party members voted for Remain – which Jeremy Corbyn campaigned for.

It could be argued that Owen Smith has been plotting his leadership bid since January 2016, when he first mooted the suggestion he would like the job.

Labour weigh up legal advice

A legal advisor to the United Kingdom Labour Party has said that should there be a challenge to incumbent Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership that he will be entitled to be on the list of candidates without any requirement to be renominated.

The Labour Party’s members of the UK Parliament have been trying to bully Jeremy Corbyn into resigning, knowing that he would not be entitled to re-contest the election automatically if he did.

The Labour Party has been advised that any challenge to Jeremy Corbyn's leadership where he has not resigned will result in him being entitled to contest the election without being renominated.
LEGAL ADVICE: The Labour Party has been advised that any challenge to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership where he has not resigned will result in him being entitled to contest the election without being renominated. Courtesy: Obtained from YouTube.

Barrister, Mark Henderson, who was engaged by the Labour Party hierarchy, made clear in his advice any leadership challenge without Jeremy Corbyn resigning would mean he’d be entitled to stand. “In the case of an election for leader and/or deputy leader where there is no vacancy, the incumbent is automatically on the ballot paper along with the challenger(s)” the advice read.