Highly commended arts project making progress

The project that will link the communities of Llantrisant and Llanwit Fardre in Wales with the communities of Cam and Dursley in England is making progress project leader Councillor Jonathan Bishop has said.

The Emotivate project, led by Councillor Jonathan Bishop, was highly commended in 2014 by Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council. Courtesy:
HIGHLY COMMENDED: The Emotivate project, led by Councillor Jonathan Bishop, was highly commended in 2014 by Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council. Courtesy: Jonathan Bishop Limited

Councillor Jonathan Bishop is the councillor for Lower Cam in Gloucestershire, and is also seeking election to be the councillor for Llantrisant Town. Having formerly served as the councillor for Llantwit Fardre also, he says being a councillor in England is already making the whole project easier to achieve. “I have already been in communication with sustainable development and arts funding organisations in both England and Wales, and the project is coming together nicely,” he said. “I have the legitimacy of the office in Cam, like I did in Treforest when I did the project there.
Becoming the councillor for Llantrisant Town will make things even easier.
“I already have the involvement of Rhondda Cynon Taf’s youth offending services, and have made contact with the Arts Council for Wales.

We are in the process of appointing the artist for the Wales side of the project and have had a number of applicants, even from as far as West Wales.

The Emotivate Project, as it is called, was highly commended by Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council in the Love Where You Live Awards in 2014. As Councillor Bishop explains, the project is intended to bring the whole community together. “The plans are that young people from the various schools in Llantrisant, Llantwit Fardre, Cam and Dursley, will come together through the Internet to design murals that reflect the areas’ past, present and future, as well as what happened during times of war and peace,” he said. “The aim will then be for the murals they design to be painted by the young offenders, so they can be seen to be giving back by supporting the young achievers’ designs.

Further information on The Emotivate Project can be found on the project’s website at: http://www.emotivate.org.uk.

Youth environmental project to come to Llantrisant

An innovative environmental project is set to expand its reach to Llantrisant, it has been revealed.

The Emotivate Project is set to expand its reach from Llantwit Fardre into Llantrisant in Wales as part of ambitious plans to link young people the two areas with other youths in Cam and Dursley in England.

These young people helped design and paint the murals displayed at the St Dyfrig's Underpass in Treforest.
YOUNG AT ART: These young people helped design and paint the murals displayed at the St Dyfrig’s Underpass in Treforest. Courtesy: Jonathan Bishop Limited.

The Emotivate Project was highly commended by Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council in 2014. It was the brainchild of Councillor Jonathan Bishop, who is also seeking election to Llantrisant Town in Wales and is already the parish councillor for Lower Cam in England, hoping to combine the two roles. “I hope that by being the local councillor for both communities I can make this project happen in a more ambitious fashion,” he said. “I have been a local councillor for 25 per cent of my life and as I have already run this project in Treforest and Llanwit Fardre, having served on the councils in both those areas.”

The Emotivate Project gives young people the chance to develop their understanding of the history area at the same time as improve their IT skills in order to design and paint a mural reflecting their ideas of the area’s past and present and what they want the future to be like.

Mark Beech is the Chief Personnel, Strategy & Quality Officer at the Crocels Community Media Group, which the project is being run under the auspices of. “I am really pleased that Councillor Jonathan Bishop will be running our highly commended project, not only in Llantwit Fardre as planned, but Llantrisant also,” he said. “Being a historian myself, I am confident that Jonathan has designed a programme that will energise young people to have the passion for the history of Llantrisant and Llanwit Fardre that he has.

ART ACTION: Jonathan Bishop coordinated the restoration of the underpass in Treforest as part of the Emotivate Project. Courtesy: Jonathan Bishop Limited.
ART ACTION: Jonathan Bishop coordinated the restoration of the underpass in Treforest as part of the Emotivate Project. Courtesy: Jonathan Bishop Limited.

Councillor Jonathan Bishop said his project would help bring both communities in England and Wales together, promoting fellowship between the two nations. “Being a Freeman of Llantrisant I am proud to stand for election in the town,” he said. “My grandfather founded the Llantrisant Workingmen’s Club, former Council Chairman Ivor Jacob is a relative, my Great Aunt Lottie was a musician in the town, my great grandfather was a carpenter who worked on the Parish Church’s roof.
This project will be going ahead whether I win or lose, and there is so much the communities have in common without having to share the same councillor.
We have the Billy Wynt in Llantrisant, and Cam has Cam Peak.
We have the Cwm Coke Works here, and Cam and Dursley have Cam Mills.
Llantrisant has its castle ruins, and Dursley Castle has legendary status there too.

Old Penarthians secure Llantrisant fixture

Jon Vaughan is the    Club Chairman, andClub Fixture Secretary of Old Penarthians RFC.
FITTING FIXTURES: Jon Vaughan is the Club Chairman, and Club Fixture Secretary of Old Penarthians RFC. Courtesy: Old Penarthians RFC.

Jonathan Vaughan of Old Penarthians RFC has secured a fixture against Llantisant.

Whilst recent weather brought an end to fixtures with Whitchurch and Pontyclun, the second team has secured a fixture against Llantrisant thanks the the efforts of Jon Vaughan, who is the Club Chairman, and Club Fixture Secretary of Old Penarthians RFC.

Cam councillors co-opt Jonathan Bishop

Cam Parish Council has co-opted Jonathan Bishop to be the councillor for Lower Cam.

Jonathan Bishop, who has previously served on town and community councils in Wales, was co-opted to the council by a unanimous vote of councillors.

Councillor Bishop was first co-opted to Llantwit Fardre Community Council at the age of 23, and now the age of only 35 he has served on all three forms of local council in England & Wales.

Speaking after the meeting, Cam Parish Council Chairman, Brian Whitley, welcomed Councillor Bishop to the council. “Jonathan, thank you for joining Cam Parish Council,” he said. “We hope you have a pleasant time with us.

Chair of Cam Parish Council, Brian Whatling, welcomes Jonathan Bishop as the Councillor for Lower Cam. Courtesy
COUNCILMEN: Chair of Cam Parish Council, Brian Whatling, welcomes Jonathan Bishop as the Councillor for Lower Cam. Courtesy: Jonathan Bishop Limited.

Some of questioned Councillor Bishop’s involvement in Cam when his home and businesses are in Wales. “I am joining the council as I hope I can make a difference by convincing other councillors to eTwin Cam with my home village of Efail Isaf,” he said. “Through the Emotivate Project I co-founded, young people from both communities who would not otherwise meet can collaborate over the Internet to make lasting change through jointly creating a silhouette mural to be displayed in Efail Isaf, reflecting how both communities see the area.

Councillor Bishop’s Emotivate Project was first run when he was town councillor for Treforest, and was recognised among the most innovative environment projects at Rhondda Cynon Taf Council’s Love Where You Live Awards in 2014. More information on the project can be found at: http://www.emotivate.org.uk.

Waste management officers explain rules to students

Students returning to Cardiff for the new term, or moving to the city for the first time, will have recycling waste collection methods and resident responsibilities explained to them during Freshers Week.

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Cardiff Metropolitan University's School of Management building. Courtesy: Obtained from Wikipedia.
LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: Cardiff Metropolitan University is among the 3 universities in Cardiff allowing council access to educate their students on recycling. Courtesy: Obtained from Wikipedia.

Recycling officers will be on hand to offer advice and give out free recycling kits to students at Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University and the University of South Wales.

The recycling kits will include recycling bags, food caddy liners, leaflets explaining the city’s new recycling waste collection methods and the weekly schedules. Council staff will distribute to students at Cardiff’s 3 universities as part of Freshers Fair events.

Cllr Bob Derbyshire is the Cabinet Member for Environment on Cardiff Council. “As the students come back from their summer break it’s vitally important that they’re made aware of the collection changes introduced since they were last living in Cardiff.
These packs and the personal advice available will help us to get the message across.

Next month, officers will also visit halls of residence and private sector student accommodation handing out literature and checklists to students as part of a wider education programme. Two designated education and enforcement officers will also be given responsibility for ensuring that student areas of the city are putting their waste out for collection in the correct manner.

Community concerned over university expansion plans

Llandaff residents have expressed their concerns that a nearby university is to expand onto greenfield lands in the locality.

Cardiff Metropolitan University are continuing to extend development on its Llandaff campus, despite Welsh Government calls for it to work with other universities to avoid course duplication. The expansion plans are coming at a cost to the local environment Llandaff residents say.

Geoffrey Barton-Greenwood is the Chairman of the Llandaff Society. “The disputed ‘plot’ is the hitherto undeveloped north western enclosure delineated by an oak avenue from the maintained but seldom used ‘Llandaff Tech’ sports pitches that have been progressively eroded by expansion of the built campus,” he said. “It is also the site of the 12th century Archdeacon’s Castle clearly shown on John Speed’s 1610 Map of Llandaff, the ruins of which remained in bucolic tranquillity beside Llandaff Cathedral into the mid 19th century.

Cardiff Met Professor’s tips for Llandaff Cathedral

A Professor at Cardiff Metropolitan University has made recommendations on how to make Llandaff Cathedral a greater part of the area’s success.

Experienced researcher, Professor Eleri Jones, of the Cardiff School of Management won the contract to report on Llandaff Cathedral, which was finalised in December 2012.

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Cardiff Metropolitan University's School of Management building. Courtesy: Obtained from Wikipedia.
OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Cardiff Metropolitan University’s School of Management building. Courtesy: Obtained from Wikipedia.

Calls are now being made for the report’s recommendations to be implemented. The report concluded that “the Cathedral is in dire financial straits and facing bankruptcy despite the best efforts of the Chapter, the clergy and other staff and the army of volunteers.

The Dean of Llandaff Cathedral, Very Rev Gerwyn Capon, took a different view saying the report’s recommendations were only “suggestions.” He said: “It is totally irresponsible to suggest that the Cathedral is on the verge of bankruptcy and the suggestion is factually untrue – it has assets that are valued in the millions which could be liquidated if necessary.

Maesycoed Primary School win Magna Carta competition

A national competition to design a flag in memory of 800 years since Magna Carta has been won by Maesycoed Primary School.

Pupils at Maesycoed Primary School designed one of 80 flags that were flown in Parliament Square in May.

Returning the flag to the school, local Member of Parliament Owen Smith praised the pupils. “I’m incredibly proud of the hard work by the pupils of Maesycoed Primary in designing such a brilliant flag,” he said. “The fact that the flag represents Pontypridd’s rich history is testament to the creativity of the children and I’m delighted to bring the flag back to Pontypridd where it can be flown proudly.
I’d like to thank all of the students and teachers for their brilliant efforts and I want to congratulate them on such a fantastic achievement!

Jonathan Bishop contested the Rhondda ward by-election as Dzon in 2013, which is where Maesycoed Primary School is based. “Magna Carta represented the theoretical introduction of the rule of law into British society,” he said. “I say in theory because in reality there are huge problems in providing access to justice to all, and therefore the rule of law only applies in a limited number of circumstances.

Landmark Bill paves the way for first Welsh taxes in 800 years

With the devolution of two new Welsh taxes from April 2018, the Welsh Government is establishing Wales’s own devolved tax arrangements for the first time.

The Tax Collection and Management (Wales) Bill will set in law arrangements to enable the collection and management of devolved taxes, providing revenue that is essential to help fund our vital public services.

Jane Hutt AM is the Business and Finance Minister at the Welsh Government
YES MINISTER: Jane Hutt AM is the Business and Finance Minister at the Welsh Government. Courtesy: Wikipedia

The Bill, will be launched by Finance Minister, Jane Hutt AM, during a visit to the Royal Mint in Llantrisant, will establish the Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA) and will confer powers and duties to enable it to collect and manage devolved taxes.

The Bill places duties on taxpayers to pay penalties and interest in certain circumstances and provides the right to request internal reviews of WRA decisions and to appeal to the First Tier Tribunal. It will also provide for a Charter of Standards and Values – a Taxpayers’ Charter – to be put in place, laid before the Assembly and reported on annually.

The WRA will have comparable powers to other UK tax authorities so that its functions can be undertaken consistently and comprehensively. This includes powers to help encourage and enforce tax compliance, including powers to undertake civil investigation and enforcement. It also includes arrangements to enable criminal investigation and enforcement powers to be conferred on WRA officials. “The introduction of the Bill marks a significant new chapter in Welsh devolution. For the first time in almost 800 years, we will be able to develop taxes that meet Welsh needs and priorities and will be responsible for generating some of our own revenue,” Jane Hutt AM said. “This Bill is the first of three pieces of legislation which will establish devolved taxes in Wales.
This Bill will put in place tax collection and management arrangements in readiness for our future Welsh taxes – Land Transaction Tax (LTT) and Landfill Disposals Tax (LDT).

The Bill also gives Welsh Ministers powers to prescribe the bodies to whom the WRA may delegate its functions. Last month, the Finance Minister announced the organisations who will work with the WRA to collect and manage taxes in Wales. “We have engaged widely and listened to the views and concerns of stakeholders and business. Businesses and taxpayers deserve a system of taxation that is fundamentally simple and transparent. The tax arrangements we are putting in place provide consistency and minimise the burden on taxpayers whilst enabling tax compliance,” Jane Hutt AM said. “Our tax arrangements for Wales are based on four clear principles – fairness; simplicity; supporting jobs and growth; and stability and certainty. At its core the Bill represents our commitment to a self-confident and prosperous Wales.

The legislation is expected to be introduced into the National Assembly this week and the Jane Hutt AM will deliver an Oral Statement in relation to the Bill during Plenary in the Senedd tomorrow.