Improving international relations ‘is not charitable’ court says

Taking steps to improve international relations is not charitable, a court in the United Kingdom has said.

Crocels Community Media Group sued the Charity Commission for England and Wales when it refused to allow it to establish a charitable arm that would allow its members to contribute their surplus for charitable purposes.

The Charity Commission rejected Crocels’s application, saying that objectives relating to reducing or abolishing standing armies, promoting peace and encouraging fraternity between nations were political as they required a change in UK Government policy. The First Tier Tribunal for Charities agreed.

Undeterred, the Chief Executive Officer of Crocels, Jonathan Bishop, has said the organisation intends to appeal the decision to the Upper Tribunal for Charities. “Crocels will be appealing the decision on the grounds that achieving these does not require change in UK Government policy,” he said. “Other reasons include Article 1 of Protocol 1 of the European Convention on Human Rights means that the member companies of Crocels should be able to dispose of their surplus for charitable purposes,” he continued. “Article 10 of the Convention means that Crocels Research has a right to provide ideas to the UK Government and the Charity Commision and the UK Courts should not inhibit this academic freedom.
Jonathan Bishop Limited should not be preventing from licensing its IP for charitable purposes as per Article 1 of Protocol 1 of the Convention.
And finally that Crocels Cooperators Party should not be prevented from seeking to promote the ideas of Crocels and its member companies in elected bodies.

Family’s crowdfunding appeal to fight cyber-stalking and harassment receives heart-warming support

A French/English couple have described how a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe is helping them deal with the effects of a cyber-stalking and harassment ordeal as they try to save their home.

Steve Paris and Angel Garden had to relocate their family back to the UK from New Zealand to fight what has been described as a persistent networked covert harassment campaign by skeptic Andrew Lewis, and British couple Richard and Melanie Byng, who describes herself as a Humanist.

Angel Garden and Steve Paris have started a crowdfunding campaign to save their family home. Courtesy: Angel Garden and Steve Paris.
FAMILY FIGHT ON: Angel Garden and Steve Paris have started a crowdfunding campaign to save their family home. Courtesy: Angel Garden and Steve Paris.

Richard Byng and Melanie Byng originally showered the family with promises of support for their stand against bullying and admiration for their online publications. “They were so well-connected and influential,” Steve Paris explained. “Angel’s mum was dying so she was vulnerable when we visited the UK and Melanie just moved in on her, initiating lots of sudden involvement between our families on the pretext of helping because of the imminent bereavement.”

Professor Richard Byng is a Plymouth-based Deputy Director for PenCLAHRC and a Senior Clinical Lecturer, General Practitioner and researcher with a particular interest in Primary Care Mental Health.
WHAT YOU BYNG UP TO?: Professor Richard Byng is a Plymouth-based Deputy Director for PenCLAHRC and a Senior Clinical Lecturer, General Practitioner and researcher with a particular interest in Primary Care Mental Health. Courtesy: Tim Prestridge.

But within weeks, the gushing admiration of Richard and Melanie Byng had changed into framing Angel Garden as being likely to kill her own children through mental illness, and this was being spread about covertly. Richard Byng’s position as a Professor at Plymouth University specialising in mental health helped to legitimise the untruths.

As Angel Garden explains, however, the court transcript shows Richard Byng admitting that their help had been offered because of the imminent death of Angel’s mother who had a sudden and fast growing lung cancer. “Their emails we got through disclosure showed how much the Byngs were lying to us even then,” she said. “They just basically moved in on us with all the sugar, and then when we fell for it, started putting the boot in.
They started their campaign right then, outwardly pretending total disinterest and refusing to speak to us, but actually they were cyberstalking me to the hospital and Melanie Byng was trying to convince everyone she could that my mum wasn’t really ill, or didn’t even exist at all, saying things like “one call from Richard to the hospital.
In fact Mum died there soon after. And that was around the time their smear took shape, because we had the affront to call them out on their behaviour. I guess British elites are just too used to having their own way.

Dr Andy Lewis is a skeptic who runs the Quackometer blog.
SKEPTIC: Dr Andy Lewis is a skeptic who runs the Quackometer blog. Courtesy: The List

Forced to go through a punishing civil action in defamation to get access to the covert course of conduct of Andrew Lewis and Richard and Melanie Byng, Steve Paris and Angel Garden are amazed at what they’ve learned. “There are laws to deal with this sort of targeted harassment that has a cumulative effect but they’re no use if they’re not used,” Steve Paris said.

The Protection from Harassment Act provides for acts characterised by stalking which involve putting people in alarm and distress, and also for acts which put targets in fear of violence. “Although it was a relief to know that the awful feelings I’d had of being watched and monitored were all true,” explained Angel Garden. “After the disclosure and knowing how they’d been scheming with ‘a psychiatrist’ and planning to set law enforcement on us, it has been frightening in a totally different way.
I just have no idea what they might do to me, or when they might do it, but I do know that Melanie Byng said she would personally like to shoot me in the head.

Steve Paris explained how this came about. “We know that they did all this just because we wrote about what was happening and offered them a right of reply,” he said.

In fact the family has, while being attacked in this manner, managed to finish the Human Rights process begun before they met the Byngs, achieving a landmark Human Rights settlement about bullying in Steiner schools. “Andrew Lewis and Melanie Byng are all over the media talking about how awful Steiner schools are,” Steve Paris explained. “Then they went into court and went against everything they normally say – and the judge just ignored all of that, and in fact he even totally contradicted himself in two judgements only a matter of weeks apart.
The judge broke his promise to deal with the harassment in the case and just sided with them.
The judgement is just a repeat of the defence, including most of the deliberate misquotes!
Then he used all that as a reason to punish us by giving our home to the very people who have done all that on us, or their lawyers who defended them for free.

The crowdfund is the family’s attempt to bring attention to this injustice before it’s too late. If they can’t pay the lawyers off to the sum of £240,000 before the end of August they will lose their home.

The GoFundMe page has only been up less than 48 hours and has already received £1,275 in 9 donations so far. Steve Paris explained his gratitude. “We’re incredibly grateful and humbled by the generosity of all the people who’ve donated so far,” he said. “It’s a huge amount of money, but we’ve got try try and do everything in our power to save our children’s home, and because of the way serious stalking and harassment has been trivialised by the Judge we are really worried the council may find that we’ve made ourselves intentionally homeless, so the crowdfund is our only way to try and stop any of that.
Nobody should lose their home for correctly identifying that they are being covertly stalked and harassed – that’s the opposite of justice.

The GoFundMe page is located at:

Successful start-up to streamline business

Many startups have the problem that they are unable to compete with bigger players in the same market. One Denmark-based company has shown growth can happen by working with the big firms, so much so strategies for growth need to change to focus on consolidation and product enhancement.

Danish startup Shopbox, has been so successful at generating new customers, it is now planning to streamline the business to focus on aligning the business with the needs of those customers.

The move follows a recent cooperation with the giants of Microsoft and HP.  These partners have financed and launched a Windows 10 version of the successful Shopbox app with the aim of cutting queue waiting times and delivering faster service.

With enough customers to sustain the company and its customers, Shopbox now intends to focus on enhancing their product to improve the entire experience for customers, from onboarding to daily use of the hospitality.  Christian Zigler is the founder and CEO of Shopbox. “If we want to compete with the big guys such as Oracle, NCR, and others, we need to make sure we have the same focus on stability and speed as they have,” he said. “Merchants may want multi-function, cloud-based mPOS, but it has to be stable and fast also.
The project with Microsoft has made Shopbox a much better product, but we need to spend a little more time making it the most future-proof and stable POS out there.

Stability is a key part of Shopbox's future says Christian Zigler.
STREAMLINE: Stability is a key part of Shopbox’s future says Christian Zigler. Courtesy: Shopbox.

Since the launch of the Shopbox iOS app just over a year ago on the App Store, it has been installed on over 400 terminals in the Nordics. The company’s strategy is now based on growth in order to focus on one of its core values of providing an excellent, stable, and simple product. The ambition is to make the already popular app even better and more stable. The vision of Shopbox to help businesses increase their profits by managing their business more effectively remains the core aim of the company during this new process of development.

CEO Christian Zigler explains why Shopbox has informed partners it is not taking any new customers and that therefore there is a waiting time in integrating with Shopbox. “We are contacted daily by several business owners and partners who are interested in Shopbox or want to partner with us,” he said. “This is amazing and it feels good to experience the demand, but it also feels good to say no to certain opportunities in order to focus on the right ones.
It feels good to grow up and be wanted instead of chasing all the time.”

For more information about when the company will launch its new and improved app, those interested can sign up online at

Telephone radio service to combat digital divide

A new radio service is set to tackle the digital divide in rural communities and among motorists, for whom access to radio communications is being threatened. is one of the UK’s first, if not only, telephone accessible radio streaming services. The concept was born out of a frustration from not being able to access a D.A.B radio station.

By February 2015 a total of 1.5 million cars had been sold with D.A.B, but a significant proportion of vehicles are likely to lose coverage as the switchover takes place in the lead up to 2017. Ed Vaizey MP is the Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy. “In my view, digital radio needs to promote a broader and more diverse range of services,” he said. “But there remains the challenge of the existing stock of cars and finding a new low cost solution for cars, which do not have an installed DAB. is combating the digital divide by making radio accessible through any telephone handset in the UK
WITHOUT FRONTIERS: is combating the digital divide by making radio accessible through any telephone handset in the UK. Courtesy: Obtained from under a Creative Commons attribution licence.

Rural communities are also likely to be affected by changes to the way radio is broadcasted, meaning many will be without access to D.A.B. radios will be affected when the ‘Digital Switchover’ happens.

After years of development, planning and investment, allows anyone to listen to any streaming radio station from around the world through their phone. With the availability hands-free mobile phone kits, as well as most areas being connected with traditional telephone lines, accessing the radio need not be out of the reach, even if D.A.B or analogue radio is.

The service can be used completely free of charge, meaning that if telephone service providers allow access to landline minutes as part of a calling package, the call charge is also in effect free.

Digital radio to assist migration within the UK

KEEPING IN TOUCH: allows refugees and other immigrants to keep in touch with their homeland through being able to access their home radio stations through their telephone: Courtesy: Rajesh Kumar Singh.
KEEPING IN TOUCH: allows refugees and other immigrants to keep in touch with their homeland through being able to access their home radio stations through their telephone: Courtesy: Rajesh Kumar Singh.

A digital radio service has been launched, which will help many refugees in Great Britain, as well as other migrants, keep access to their favourite radio stations back home. seeks to provide access to global radio stations within the UK, for the cost of a standard phone call.

Stations include Arman FM from Kabul in Afghanistan, Radio 1 FM 91 from Lahore in Pakistan and Radio Maria from Kerala in India.

Patrick is the project manager for and says the service is accessible to others emigrating also. “Not only do we provide access to radio stations from Asia and the Middle East, but also to various UK stations and those in Eastern and Northern Europe,” he said. “This means for example that a Glaswegian would be able to listen to Awaz FM from anywhere in the UK. will help people living in Britain be better informed about what is going on in their homeland, whether that station is in Brussels or Birmingham, London or Latvia.
This can only be good for integration of people into British life, wherever in the world they have come from.

Police brutality victim in hunger strike victory

A woman who fell victim to the attacks of a rogue police officer has had hope of a reprieve after her MP, Nia Griffiths, took up her case after she collapsed due to taking part in a hunger strike.

Yolande Rees-Hopkins is on hunger strike following no action being taken after she was attacked by a police officer.
HUNGER STRIKE: Yolande Rees-Hopkins is on hunger strike following no action being taken after she was attacked by a police officer. Courtesy: Llanelli Star.

Yolande Rees-Hopkins is believed to be one of a number of people subject to violence from Dyfed-Powys police officer, PC Stuart Mann 553. Last year a court was told that model and care worker, Graham Gareth Edwards, was a victim of brutality from PC Stuart Mann, following Edwards whistleblowing on the actions of a former colleague at Hywel Dda Health Board, namely Lyn Carter.

Yolande Rees-Hopkins was speaking following requiring medical help for the hunger strike. “It is with pride that I announce today that after my collapse last night and refusal for any medical attention that today both myself and Graham Edwards have received some uplifting news,” she said. “Nia (Griffith MP) has written a letter to Theresa May & Graham has an important meeting on Friday in Cardiff,” she continued. “I will stick to my hunger strike, but in light of today’s events I will accept antibiotics and I will celebrate with a cup of milky tea but this is only for today and only one cup.

Former Green Party leader refuses to cooperate with police investigation

Former Saskatchewan Green Party leader Neil Sinclair has refused to cooperate with a police investigation of an assault allegedly committed by aspiring politician Daeran Gall at a Saskatchewan Green Party meeting on June 27, 2015. Daeran Gall admits having pushed a civil rights activist.

SEE NO EVIL HEAR NO EVIL: Neil Sinclair is the former leader of the Green Party of Saskatchewan. Courtesy: Obtained from Facebook.
SEE NO EVIL. HEAR NO EVIL: Neil Sinclair is the former leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party. Courtesy: Obtained from Facebook.

Neil Sinclair admitted to the civil rights activist that he witnessed the violence, but didn’t want to talk to police about it and called it a “petty matter.”

The civil rights activist said the refusal to cooperate with police was totally inappropriate. “Neil Sinclair should be ashamed of himself, particularly as a former party leader, for refusing to tell the police what he saw,” he said. “How would he like if he got assaulted and witnesses refused to cooperate with police? I think Neil Sinclair only cares about climate change and considers anything else to be petty.”

Aspiring politician Daeran Gall admits violence

Aspiring politician Daeran Gall, who allegedly committed an assault against a civil rights activist at a Saskatchewan Green Party meeting on June 27, 2015, has admitted that he pushed his victim in an email to the victim.

Daeran Gall - Green Party
GREEN-EYED:  It is claimed Green Party member, Daeran Gall, assaulted a civil rights activist. Courtesy:  Obtained from Facebook.

As required by its constitution, the Saskatchewan Green Party is forming a three-person tribunal to determine if Daeran Gall should be tossed from his nomination for the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly for the Saskatoon Meewasin constituency. “The party needs to speed up its complaint process,” the civil rights activist said. “Would they take so long to remove a nominee if he had mugged another person?

The Green Party of Canada is waiting to see the results of the criminal justice process before terminating Daeran Gall’s membership. “The Green Party of Canada has a history of not acting on serious complaints,” the civil rights activist said. “On the other hand, the Liberal Party of Canada acted swiftly to remove two members of parliament accused of sexual misconduct from their caucus.

The Saskatoon police are still investigating the case. The investigation was delayed by Daeran Gall not responding to police.

Aspiring politician Daeran Gall found by police at Green Party event

Aspiring politician Daeran Gall, who allegedly committed an assault against a civil rights activist at a provincial Green Party meeting on June 27, 2015, was finally found by police at a federal Green Party meeting at Nutana Lawn Bowling Club in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on July 27, 2015.

The police hadn’t been able to locate Daeran Gall and he hadn’t responded to police email during the intervening month. The civil rights activist who was allegedly assaulted by Daeran Gall spotted him at the meeting on July 27 and phoned the police.

However, before the civil rights activist phoned the police, a Green Party campaign worker tried to convince him to not call police. Then during his phone call with police, the Green Party campaign worker repeatedly interrupted the civil rights activist to try to stop him from giving the police the club phone number. The party isn’t more important than a police investigation and climate change isn’t more important than justice,” the civil rights activist said. Would she have tried to prevent the police from being called if someone who assaulted her or her kid was in the audience? Why didn’t she ask Daeran Gall to wait outside the meeting for the police instead of trying to prevent the police from being called?”

After arriving at the meeting, the police attempted to obtain Daeran Gall’s contact information, but he claimed that he didn’t have an address or phone number. The police let Daeran Gall go with a promise that he would appear at the police station the following day to speak to the police officer in charge of investigating the case.  However, Daeran Gall did not do so.

After the police spoke to Daeran Gall, the civil rights activist told the meeting about illegal actions that federal Green Party members had taken against him. The local Green Party nominee for the federal parliament responded by claiming that this was an old grievance” and not relevant.”

“This isn’t an old grievance,” the civil rights activist said. People need to know what a despicable party the Green Party of Canada is and what happened to someone who got involved in it.”

After the civil rights activist told the meeting about the illegal actions against him, a bearded man angrily approached the civil rights activist and threatened him for telling the truth. If you don’t shut up, I’ll break your knees,” the bearded man said.

The civil rights activist laughed, told him to take his best shot, and asked him if he wants to take it outside, but the bearded man started walking away. The bearded man is suggesting that violence is an acceptable way to cover up the truth about misconduct in the Green Party of Canada,”  the civil rights activist told Crocels News.

The civil rights activist asked the bearded man his name, so that he could be reported to police too, but he refused to provide it. When the civil rights activist tried to phone the police again to report the bearded man’s threat, a Green Party campaign worker claimed that the bearded man didn’t really mean it and told the civil rights activist to leave. Obviously the Green Party of Canada cares more about protecting the party image than a threat of violence,” the civil rights activist said. Why would she ask the victim to leave instead of asking the person making the violent threat to leave?”

The civil rights activist left the meeting and called the police again. While waiting for the police to arrive again, he chatted with Green Party friends and a little girl walking her dog who was nice enough to offer to wait for police with the civil rights activist.

Then a Green Party campaign worker started using his mobile phone to video record the civil rights activist while he was talking to the young girl with the dog. The girl did not like this and asked the Green Party campaign worker to stop recording them, but the campaign worker refused to do. A political party that claims to oppose surveillance shouldn’t be recording a victim of a violent threat while he is waiting for police to arrive and shouldn’t be recording a little girl who has nothing to do with the Green Party, the civil rights activist said.

Unfortunately the bearded man left the federal Green Party meeting before police arrived. The civil rights activist didn’t know the bearded man’s name, but was able to provide the license plate number of the bearded man’s driver to police.

Aspiring politician Daeran Gall allegedly commits assault at Green Party meeting

A Green Party meeting in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada took a turn for the worse when aspiring politician Daeran Gall, who is standing for the Saskatchewan legislature, allegedly assaulted a civil rights activist in front of other Green Party members.

At the end of the meeting on 28 June 2015, the civil rights activist had been telling Daeran Gall what Gall’s friend did to the civil rights activist because she doesn’t like his civil rights cases when Daeran Gall got angry and allegedly pushed the civil rights activist. “I could have hit Daeran Gall back or detained him,” the civil rights activist said. “But that would have been unprofessional at a political party meeting and the Criminal Code only allows me to use reasonable force to defend myself.”

Instead the alleged victim called the police who got there late because they were dealing with a bomb threat. However, a criminal complaint was made and is now being investigated by police. “Daeran Gall wants to be a member of the legislative assembly, but lawmakers can’t be lawbreakers,” the civil rights activist said.