Llantrisant Freeman supports war memorial campaign

ART ACTION: Jonathan Bishop restored the underpass in Treforest as part of the Emotivate Project. Courtesy: Jonathan Bishop Limited.
ART ACTION: Jonathan Bishop restored the underpass in Treforest as part of the Emotivate Project. Courtesy: Jonathan Bishop Limited.

A Freeman of Llantrisant has given his support to calls for a dedicated war memorial in the town.

Freeman Jonathan Bishop was instrumental in the campaign to install a war memorial in Pontypridd, when as the town councillor for Treforest he seconded fellow councillor Colin Gregory’s motion for the plans, including getting a commitment for it to be part funded by public subscription.

Jonathan Bishop is the brains behind the Emotivate Project, which is seeking to install a mural at the Woodland Walk underpass in Efail Isaf, based on young people’s ideas of war and peace.

Freeman Bishop says that in addition, he wants a war memorial to go beyond military personnel. “Many people in South Wales died during the Second World War from working underground in the mines, as well as in the munitions factories,” he said. “My grandfather was the Freeman of Llantrisant who founded the Llantrisant Workingmen’s Club and I would not be here today had he not met my grandmother who was working in the same munitions factory after he finished his duties as a Gunner in the Battle of the Atlantic.”

REMEMBERING HEROS: Freeman Jonathan Bishop supports war memorials for both the traditional armies and those that worked on the land and in the mines. Courtesy: Jonathan Bishop Limited
REMEMBERING HEROS: Freeman Jonathan Bishop supports war memorials for both the traditional armies and those that worked on the land and in the mines. Courtesy: Jonathan Bishop Limited

Freeman Bishop says it was not just his Llantrisant grandfather who was part of the World War II campaign. “My other grandfather was a miner, who along with other miners were essential the fueling the war effort,” he said. “I therefore fully support the call for a lasting war memorial on the castle green in Llantrisant, and would like a commitment for all those who died during conscription, whether on or under the land, to be recognised also.

Cam councillors co-opt Jonathan Bishop

Cam Parish Council has co-opted Jonathan Bishop to be the councillor for Lower Cam.

Jonathan Bishop, who has previously served on town and community councils in Wales, was co-opted to the council by a unanimous vote of councillors.

Councillor Bishop was first co-opted to Llantwit Fardre Community Council at the age of 23, and now the age of only 35 he has served on all three forms of local council in England & Wales.

Speaking after the meeting, Cam Parish Council Chairman, Brian Whitley, welcomed Councillor Bishop to the council. “Jonathan, thank you for joining Cam Parish Council,” he said. “We hope you have a pleasant time with us.

Chair of Cam Parish Council, Brian Whatling, welcomes Jonathan Bishop as the Councillor for Lower Cam. Courtesy
COUNCILMEN: Chair of Cam Parish Council, Brian Whatling, welcomes Jonathan Bishop as the Councillor for Lower Cam. Courtesy: Jonathan Bishop Limited.

Some of questioned Councillor Bishop’s involvement in Cam when his home and businesses are in Wales. “I am joining the council as I hope I can make a difference by convincing other councillors to eTwin Cam with my home village of Efail Isaf,” he said. “Through the Emotivate Project I co-founded, young people from both communities who would not otherwise meet can collaborate over the Internet to make lasting change through jointly creating a silhouette mural to be displayed in Efail Isaf, reflecting how both communities see the area.

Councillor Bishop’s Emotivate Project was first run when he was town councillor for Treforest, and was recognised among the most innovative environment projects at Rhondda Cynon Taf Council’s Love Where You Live Awards in 2014. More information on the project can be found at: http://www.emotivate.org.uk.

Burst water main affects Efail Isaf

A burst water main on Wednesday night brought Efail Isaf to a standstill as public sector bodies cooperated to resolve the problem.

Local residents and travellers who witnessed the explosion called the Water Board, police and highways departments.

Efail Isaf Burst Water Main
LIVE STREAMING: Welsh Water expect repairs to the burst water main in Efail Isaf to take a few days. Courtesy: Copyright (c) Jonathan Bishop limited.

South Wales police took over from residents, directing motorists around the big hole, which was then manned by Welsh Water, who have said they will be repairing the damage over the next few days.

Edwards Coaches have assured customers in Efail Isaf the number 90 service will be running as normally as possible. “Efail Isaf customers will be able to use the new bus stop at the bottom of Station Road and the bus will travel down the Church Village Bypass towards Crown Hill,” the spokesperson said.

Resident and journalist, Jonathan Bishop was at the scene the prior to South Wales Police taking over. “Residents and motorists helped each other and others travelling through the village,” he said. “South Wales Police then updated residents and advised some to move out of the way of damage their cars,” he said. “None of the elected councillors were available, so I was really grateful for South Wales Police responding to the situation, after what was a long day.

Petition challenges council over art project

A petition has been served on Rhondda Cynon Taf Council in a bid to demonstrate public support for the Emotivate Project in Efail Isaf, near Pontypridd, which is run by the Crocels Community Media Group.

Crocels CEO, Jonathan Bishop, and sitting councillor, Joel James, both pledged in their 2012 election manifestos they would restore the underpass in the Woodland Walk area of Efail Isaf, which would be designed and painted by young people as happened with the Emotivate Project when it was run in nearby Treforest.

But unelected officers at Rhondda Cynon Taf Council, Nasir Jarjis and George Jones are refusing to support the people who want the project to go ahead. Nasir Jaris said: “I believe that this proposal is not viable or sustainable and I am sorry to advise that it will not be given (sic) the go ahead.

MURAL: Joel James (left) and Jonathan Bishop (right) want to give young people the chance to install a mural in the underpass in Efail Isaf, near Pontypridd.
MURAL: Joel James (left) and Jonathan Bishop (right) want to give young people the chance to install a mural in the underpass in Efail Isaf, near Pontypridd.

Bishop believes this is not good enough “The people have spoken by electing Joel (James) in 2012 and signing the petition organised by Crocels,” he said. “The officers at RCT are unelected nobodies and should not be getting in the way of a project supported by the public, regardless of the reasons they gave.
We have for far too long seen these faceless bureaucrats make decisions against the peoples’ wishes, including by not honouring the public vote to keep the paddling pool in Pontypridd following the referendum, and enough should be enough.

Cllr James is also critical of the Officers at Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council. “The petition is necessary as the underpass has now become something of a ‘grot spot’ and officials at the council refuse to do anything,” he said. “What is most annoying with this situation is that I’ve been approached by several other groups within my ward wanting to help with improving the underpasses, such as the local scout group, and I’ve basically had to turn them away.

Internet trolling expert to speak at Pontypridd Library

PUBLISHED: Jonathan Bishop is the editor of the IGI Global book, "Examining the Concepts Issues and Implications of Internet Trolling." Courtesy: Obtained from Steve Powderhill Photography
PUBLISHED: Jonathan Bishop is the editor of the IGI Global book, “Examining the Concepts Issues and Implications of Internet Trolling.” Courtesy: Obtained from Steve Powderhill Photography

An accomplished Internet trolling expert is set to give a speech on Internet trolling at his local library following the launch of a book by a major publisher.

Jonathan Bishop, from Efail Isaf in Pontypridd, will be giving a speech at the Pontypridd Central Library on Internet trolling.

Bishop, who is a member of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, will be giving a talk titled, “Trolls under the Old Bridge? Internet trolling in Pontypridd and beyond.

The presentation, which will be held at the Library on Library Road in Pontypridd on 22 May 2013 at 4.30pm, will have Bishop talking about the different types of Internet troller based on a study in his book of those that use the local PontyTown website.

Bishop will also be talking about some of the more spoken about “trolls” in Pontypridd, including Liam Stacey who was one of the first people in the UK to be convicted for “trolling.

Bishop’s book, ‘Examining the Concepts, Issues and Implications of Internet Trolling,‘ is available from all good academic resellers for around £115.

Free Internet advice for businesses

A South Wales entrepreneur who is known throughout the world as an Internet expert is putting his knowledge to good use by setting up a website to provide free advice to business owners on get the most of being online without paying through the nose.

Councillor Jonathan Bishop, 32, of Efail Isaf, is a Chartered IT Professional Fellow with a law degree. His website, www.selivcel.co.uk, provides articles on how businesses can get websites and landline phone connections for free, enhance the website they have using basic computer software like Microsoft Office, and access free content like terms and conditions, to help them become legally compliant.

Cllr Bishop said about his advice scheme, “For over 12 years I have been making professional Internet websites and studying computer law, and today building a website is so easy even an 8 year-old can do it

I set up this website so that in these tough times, businesses can get what they need and cut out the middle-man, who in the case of website design will often make profits of £1000 per website, charging high prices for work that only takes an hour

Local law student at the Universiy of Glamorgan, Mugabi Ivan, who is also involved with the project, said, “With the opportunities that this website gives, businesses will be able to make more profits since their customers, suppliers and stakeholders will be able to better access information without the cost they don’t need because of modern technology. This way of combating the digital divide cuts the administrative costs through removing the need for commercial intermediaries.

Footpaths cleared in Celyn Paddocks and Parc Nant Celyn

Efail Isaf residents had reason to celebrate last week as borough footpaths were cleared after a two-year long campaign.

Local campaigner, Jonathan Bishop said that residents were happy now that they can walk freely in the countryside. “It’s amazing what a change of government can do,” he said. “We have waited a long time to use our rights of way and its good that the council finally did something.

Residents are now able to walk on borough-controlled footpaths in Celyn Paddocks and Parc Nant Celyn freely and easily.

Welsh Labour’s Special Conference Gets Blogged

A former community councillor has become the first in Wales to use an Internet-based journal to report on their experiences as a political conference delegate.

Jonathan Bishop, from Efail Isaf, who was a Youth Delegate for the Pontypridd Constituency Labour Party used his online journal, known as a Weblog or ‘blog’ to explain to readers what the Special Conference organised by Welsh Labour was about.

The conference is considering Welsh Labour response to the Richard Commission,” he told Internet users. “The document being discussed is proposing that a White Paper should be introduced in the next Parliament, setting out options of giving the Assembly further powers as well as changes to the electoral arrangements.

Until recently Bishop was a community councillor for Llantwit Fardre, where he used his Weblog to communicate directly with residents. His use of the Internet in this way won recognition when he was shortlisted in the Elected Representative category of this year’s New Statesman New Media Awards.

Bishop believes that blogging, as it is known, will be come commonplace at future conferences. “I believe using the Internet is a good way for delegates to communicate with their constituency,” he said. “Through using Weblogs delegates can keep the people that sent them up to date with what is going on as it happens.

University Graduate Nominated for Award

A University of Glamorgan graduate has been nominated for an award for using mobile phones to teach people with autism and social phobia.

Jonathan Bishop, from Efail Isaf, has been nominated for the New Statesman Bright Sparks award in the special educational needs category. The award will go to the product or project that best removes the barriers to achievement faced by people with special educational needs.

Bishop’s entry uses mobile phones to teach the meaning of emotions and common phrases to individuals with autism and social phobia while they are participating in social situations.

Dr Mike Reddy of the University of Glamorgan, who supervised the project said that the system, named PARLE could be effective at helping some people with autism take part in social situations. “What is deeply significant about this work is that it would serve to be inclusive, rather than attaching social stigma to participation in a social situation, because of the innovative use of mobile phones,” he said.

Research on the system carried out at the University of Glamorgan has already been published in an international journal, but as Mr Bishop explains, more is necessary to determine the system’s usefulness, “We were only able to test a small part of the system two years ago, but new research methodologies mean we can now get a complete picture of how people benefit from the system.”

Musician attacked by dog

A Pontypridd-based singer-songwriter was attacked by a dog near her home in Efail Isaf last week, while enjoying an afternoon in her local park.

Gabrielle De Guia, of Heol-y-Parc, Efail Isaf, was working on her songs in Parc Nant Celyn when a large schnauzer dog jumped at her and the family pet Samuel.

“I didn’t know what to do,” Gabrielle explained. “I lifted my dog up to safety and the other dog jumped at me, leaving me bruised and badly scratched.”

The attack has been reported to the police, who are now trying to trace the owners. Asked what she would like to see happen, Gabrielle said: “The owners didn’t even apologise for what happened, I think in future they should keep their dog on its lead so it doesn’t attack others.”