Former Green Party leader refuses to cooperate with police investigation

Former Saskatchewan Green Party leader Neil Sinclair has refused to cooperate with a police investigation of an assault allegedly committed by aspiring politician Daeran Gall at a Saskatchewan Green Party meeting on June 27, 2015. Daeran Gall admits having pushed a civil rights activist.

SEE NO EVIL HEAR NO EVIL: Neil Sinclair is the former leader of the Green Party of Saskatchewan. Courtesy: Obtained from Facebook.
SEE NO EVIL. HEAR NO EVIL: Neil Sinclair is the former leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party. Courtesy: Obtained from Facebook.

Neil Sinclair admitted to the civil rights activist that he witnessed the violence, but didn’t want to talk to police about it and called it a “petty matter.”

The civil rights activist said the refusal to cooperate with police was totally inappropriate. “Neil Sinclair should be ashamed of himself, particularly as a former party leader, for refusing to tell the police what he saw,” he said. “How would he like if he got assaulted and witnesses refused to cooperate with police? I think Neil Sinclair only cares about climate change and considers anything else to be petty.”

Aspiring politician Daeran Gall admits violence

Aspiring politician Daeran Gall, who allegedly committed an assault against a civil rights activist at a Saskatchewan Green Party meeting on June 27, 2015, has admitted that he pushed his victim in an email to the victim.

Daeran Gall - Green Party
GREEN-EYED:  It is claimed Green Party member, Daeran Gall, assaulted a civil rights activist. Courtesy:  Obtained from Facebook.

As required by its constitution, the Saskatchewan Green Party is forming a three-person tribunal to determine if Daeran Gall should be tossed from his nomination for the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly for the Saskatoon Meewasin constituency. “The party needs to speed up its complaint process,” the civil rights activist said. “Would they take so long to remove a nominee if he had mugged another person?

The Green Party of Canada is waiting to see the results of the criminal justice process before terminating Daeran Gall’s membership. “The Green Party of Canada has a history of not acting on serious complaints,” the civil rights activist said. “On the other hand, the Liberal Party of Canada acted swiftly to remove two members of parliament accused of sexual misconduct from their caucus.

The Saskatoon police are still investigating the case. The investigation was delayed by Daeran Gall not responding to police.

Filippo Salustri in journal paper row

TROLL: Canadian academic, Filippo Salustri, has questioned the fact an academic journal has republished a post he made to the PHD Design newslist, which spread lies about another academic.
TROLL: Canadian academic, Fil Salustri, has questioned the fact an academic journal has republished a post he made to the PHD Design newslist, which spread lies about another academic.

Canadian academic, Filippo Salustri, has questioned the fact an academic journal has republished a post he made to the PHD Design newslist, which spread lies about another academic.

The journal paper in question was titled, “Transforming the UK Home Office into a Department for Homeland Security: Reflecting on an Interview with a Litigant Defending Against Online Retaliatory Feedback in the US” and published in the Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

Filippo Salustri complained that the journal paper, composed by Internet trolling expert Jonathan Bishop, was not “valid.” Bishop, speaking about the incident, said that Filippo Salustri should not complain about the reposting of content he put in the public domain. “If Professor Salustri did not want posts he made to a public forum republished, then he should not have made them in the first place,” he said. “I did not defame him in any way, I just republished the defamatory remarks he made.

Professor Irmak Renda-Tanali is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. “We have received a complaint from Professor Salustri and the issue is under investigation,” she said.

Aspiring politician Daeran Gall found by police at Green Party event

Aspiring politician Daeran Gall, who allegedly committed an assault against a civil rights activist at a provincial Green Party meeting on June 27, 2015, was finally found by police at a federal Green Party meeting at Nutana Lawn Bowling Club in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on July 27, 2015.

The police hadn’t been able to locate Daeran Gall and he hadn’t responded to police email during the intervening month. The civil rights activist who was allegedly assaulted by Daeran Gall spotted him at the meeting on July 27 and phoned the police.

However, before the civil rights activist phoned the police, a Green Party campaign worker tried to convince him to not call police. Then during his phone call with police, the Green Party campaign worker repeatedly interrupted the civil rights activist to try to stop him from giving the police the club phone number. The party isn’t more important than a police investigation and climate change isn’t more important than justice,” the civil rights activist said. Would she have tried to prevent the police from being called if someone who assaulted her or her kid was in the audience? Why didn’t she ask Daeran Gall to wait outside the meeting for the police instead of trying to prevent the police from being called?”

After arriving at the meeting, the police attempted to obtain Daeran Gall’s contact information, but he claimed that he didn’t have an address or phone number. The police let Daeran Gall go with a promise that he would appear at the police station the following day to speak to the police officer in charge of investigating the case.  However, Daeran Gall did not do so.

After the police spoke to Daeran Gall, the civil rights activist told the meeting about illegal actions that federal Green Party members had taken against him. The local Green Party nominee for the federal parliament responded by claiming that this was an old grievance” and not relevant.”

“This isn’t an old grievance,” the civil rights activist said. People need to know what a despicable party the Green Party of Canada is and what happened to someone who got involved in it.”

After the civil rights activist told the meeting about the illegal actions against him, a bearded man angrily approached the civil rights activist and threatened him for telling the truth. If you don’t shut up, I’ll break your knees,” the bearded man said.

The civil rights activist laughed, told him to take his best shot, and asked him if he wants to take it outside, but the bearded man started walking away. The bearded man is suggesting that violence is an acceptable way to cover up the truth about misconduct in the Green Party of Canada,”  the civil rights activist told Crocels News.

The civil rights activist asked the bearded man his name, so that he could be reported to police too, but he refused to provide it. When the civil rights activist tried to phone the police again to report the bearded man’s threat, a Green Party campaign worker claimed that the bearded man didn’t really mean it and told the civil rights activist to leave. Obviously the Green Party of Canada cares more about protecting the party image than a threat of violence,” the civil rights activist said. Why would she ask the victim to leave instead of asking the person making the violent threat to leave?”

The civil rights activist left the meeting and called the police again. While waiting for the police to arrive again, he chatted with Green Party friends and a little girl walking her dog who was nice enough to offer to wait for police with the civil rights activist.

Then a Green Party campaign worker started using his mobile phone to video record the civil rights activist while he was talking to the young girl with the dog. The girl did not like this and asked the Green Party campaign worker to stop recording them, but the campaign worker refused to do. A political party that claims to oppose surveillance shouldn’t be recording a victim of a violent threat while he is waiting for police to arrive and shouldn’t be recording a little girl who has nothing to do with the Green Party, the civil rights activist said.

Unfortunately the bearded man left the federal Green Party meeting before police arrived. The civil rights activist didn’t know the bearded man’s name, but was able to provide the license plate number of the bearded man’s driver to police.

Aspiring politician Daeran Gall allegedly commits assault at Green Party meeting

A Green Party meeting in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada took a turn for the worse when aspiring politician Daeran Gall, who is standing for the Saskatchewan legislature, allegedly assaulted a civil rights activist in front of other Green Party members.

At the end of the meeting on 28 June 2015, the civil rights activist had been telling Daeran Gall what Gall’s friend did to the civil rights activist because she doesn’t like his civil rights cases when Daeran Gall got angry and allegedly pushed the civil rights activist. “I could have hit Daeran Gall back or detained him,” the civil rights activist said. “But that would have been unprofessional at a political party meeting and the Criminal Code only allows me to use reasonable force to defend myself.”

Instead the alleged victim called the police who got there late because they were dealing with a bomb threat. However, a criminal complaint was made and is now being investigated by police. “Daeran Gall wants to be a member of the legislative assembly, but lawmakers can’t be lawbreakers,” the civil rights activist said.

Province hosted provincial leadership forum on cyberbullying

School leaders and experts on cyberbullying gathered in Winnipeg today to discuss prevention and response strategies at this year’s Safe and Caring Schools Provincial Leadership Forum.

James Allum is Education and Advanced Learning Ministerof the Manitoba Government. “Cyberbullying is a growing problem in our modern world and we all have a role to play in ensuring students enjoy safe and caring learning environments,” he said. “I feel confident the educators and school leaders here today will come away with new tools and ideas to combat bullying in every form, so we can stand strong together to protect students in Manitoba schools.

Representatives from every school division in the province were invited to the forum. Other invited participants included the Manitoba Association of School Superintendents, Manitoba Teachers’ Society, Manitoba Association of Parent Councils, Manitoba Association of School Business Officials, Manitoba Federation of Independent Schools, Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre, Manitoba Association of Computing Educators and Manitoba Association of Education Technology Leaders.

Bill 18, the Public Schools Amendment Act (Safe and Inclusive Schools) requires school employees or people in charge of pupils during school-approved activities to report cyberbullying when they become aware that a student has engaged in cyberbullying or been negatively affected by it. The act also requires school boards to expand their policies about the appropriate use of the Internet to include social media, text messaging and instant messaging; and requires school boards to establish a respect for human diversity policy.

Nancy Allan is the legislative assistant for Safe Schools. “Technology can be used in many positive ways but it can also be used to hurt people,” she said. “Ensuring students, educators, administrators and parents are equipped with the knowledge and tools to deal with cyberbullying are an important step in keeping our children safe.
The presenters at today’s forum are leaders in keeping children safe from cyberbullying and other forms of child victimization, and we appreciated hearing from them.

The forum was held to provide information about appropriate cyberbullying prevention and response strategies, provide information and support about cyberbullying legislation and legal responsibilities, and
provide guidance about prevention, assessment and response strategies and resources.

Anti-bullying blanket makes stop at legislative building to mark pink shirt day

Working together and providing tools for parents, teachers and students are the keys to ending bullying, Education and Advanced Learning Minister James Allum said today at the Legislative Building, where he welcomed a group of Brandon students who displayed a bus-sized anti-bullying blanket in recognition of national Pink Shirt Day.

“We all share a responsibility to create safe schools where students feel respected and able to reach their full potential,” said Minister Allum. “The Manitoba government is pleased to support this community initiative to raise awareness of anti-bullying efforts, which is in keeping with our commitment to protect students and ensure safe environments that foster understanding and inclusion.”

Brandon University’s Anti-Bullying Society has been gathering signatures on the blanket for over a year. Since then, more than 7,000 people have signed it and the blanket is big enough to wrap around a school bus. The blanket, which took over 70 hours to create, measures 32 by 42 feet and uses approximately 14,000 ft. of thread.

“The goal of the anti-bullying blanket is to bring awareness of the need for more effective anti-bullying programming in schools for children under the age of 12,” said Krystal Kane, chair of the Brandon University Anti-Bullying Society. “It signifies security and comfort, and that’s what we want for all children. It’s also an opportunity for people to offer words of encouragement to those being bullied so they know they’re not alone.”

Recognition of Pink Shirt Day is happening all across the country and the idea came from two Nova Scotia teens who saw another student being bullied because he was wearing a pink shirt. They encouraged their classmates to wear pink shirts to take a stand against bullying and their idea has since spread across the country.

“Pink Shirt Day reminds us that bystanders can make a difference,” said Minister Allum. “I congratulate everyone taking part in this day for taking a stand against bullying.”

Manitoba’s anti-bullying action plan includes:

introducing a new provincial code of conduct with clear and appropriate disciplinary consequences for bullying incidents;
providing new resources and supports to educate parents, teachers and students to help them identify, prevent and deal with bullying;
continuing to support the Safe Schools Advisory Council, which is a unique partnership between the provincial government, schools, law enforcement, social service agencies, parent councils, professional associations and community agencies; and
hosting the second annual Safe and Caring Schools Provincial Leadership Forum with the Canadian Centre for Child Protection to bring together students, teachers, administrators and experts to share strategies on preventing and addressing cyberbullying.

For further information please visit:

Academics criticised for ‘trolling’

TROLL: Filippo Salustri has spread malicious information about an academic conference that competes with ones that he promoted.
TROLL: Filippo Salustri has spread malicious information about an academic conference that competes with ones that he promoted. Courtesy: Ryerson University.
Professor Filippo Salustri of Ryerson University in Canada and Nicolai Steinø of Aalborg University have been criticised for posting and reposting defamatory and abusive messages on listservs about other academics.

Internet trolling expert Jonathan Bishop was one of the targets of the pair’s abuse. “Filippo Salustri and Nicolai Steinø have been posting abusive content and reposting defamatory remarks about myself and other academics,” he said. “Filippo Salustri and Nicolai Steinø clearly do not realise that what they are doing is unlawful under both UK and and the law of the jurisdictions they are in.
Their actions are both defamation and harassment in most legal systems, including under UK law, what they are posting online about others and myself could also be seen to be of a menacing character and criminally prosecutable.
The UK’s director of public prosecution said if someone reposts a menacing message they commit the same offence as the person who posted it originally and Filippo Salustri and Nicolai Steinø might want to take note of that.”

Fil Salustri has been accused of trolling.
TROLL: Fil Salustri has been accused of trolling. Courtesy: Ryerson University.
Professor Filippo Salustri tried to justify his behaviour. “I will comply with all legal requirements when they are made clear to me“, he said. “At this time, however, I am unaware of being under any obligation in this regard.
Unless something outrageous happens, I will not post further on this topic, and I regret if these posts are an annoyance to anyone on the list.

Saskatoon cyberbully Tonia Zimmerman strikes again against civil rights activist

Tonia Zimmerman has been cyberbullying, cyberstalking, and harassing a prominent secularism activist in Saskatoon since December 2012, as first reported by Crocels News in “Tonia Zimmerman engaged in cyberbullying and cyberstalking of civil rights activist.”  Now she has struck again.

Tonia Zimmerman created a Web site full of malicious lies about the civil rights activist, who has been fighting for the separation of church and state.  The activist quickly got this Web site deleted.  Also, another operative of the political party that the activist works with recently found malevolent lies about the activist from Tonia Zimmerman in his Facebook inbox.

TROLL: Tonia Zimmerman has been cyberbullying a prominent secularist.
TROLL: Tonia Zimmerman has been cyberbullying a prominent secularist.

On the Web site, Tonia Zimmerman tried to portray herself as innocent.  However, she was foolish enough to include screen captures of conversations she had that make clear she had been posting lies about the equality and human rights activist.  “Tonia Zimmerman pretends that she has done nothing wrong and is a victim of me when the truth is she has been spreading malignant lies about me,” the activist said.

Also on the now deleted Web site, Tonia Zimmerman said that she opposes the progressive activist’s civil rights cases and opposes him being in a leadership position in a political party.  These are clearly the motivations behind her malevolent attacks and lies.  One of Tonia Zimmerman’s friends said that Zimmerman considers herself a soldier of God.

Keep reading Crocels News for further developments in this case.

Tonia Zimmerman engaged in cyberbullying and cyberstalking of civil rights activist

Saskatoon’s Tonia Zimmerman has been bullying, cyberstalking, and harassing an equality and human rights activist, who has been fighting for the separation of the church from the state through civil rights cases, it has been found. Zimmerman’s conduct is known as ‘cyberhickery.’

TROLL: Tonia Zimmerman has been cyberbullying a prominent secularist.
TROLL: Tonia Zimmerman has been cyberbullying a prominent secularist.

Zimmerman’s victim, also from Saskatoon, is well known as a secularism activist, civil rights activist, progressive activist, and operative for a political party. Cyberstalker Tonia Zimmerman found Facebook groups that the progressive activist had commented in and responded to his comments with disparaging remarks about his appearance and bigoted remarks.

Cyberbully Tonia Zimmerman posted malicious lies and made bigoted remarks about the civil rights activist in the comments sections of online news articles, on Twitter, and on Facebook. This has resulted in her being banned from the activist’s political party Facebook pages.

Crocels News has learned that Tonia Zimmerman contacted three journalists and media outlets in Saskatoon with malignant lies about the secularism activist. Tonia Zimmerman also contacted three operatives in the political party that the progressive activist works with to spread malevolent lies about him. Furthermore, Tonia Zimmerman contacted a representative of two secularism organizations supporting the activist’s secularism cases to spread misinformation about him.

The human rights activist called Tonia Zimmerman a creative liar. “Tonia Zimmerman has made it her mission in life to harass me, cyberbully me, and cyberstalk me just because she disagrees with my civil rights cases,” the civil rights activist said. “Tonia Zimmerman needs to get a life and find something productive to do with her time.

I HAVE BEEN TROLLING: Tonia Zimmerman has engaged in a cyberhickery campaign against a prominent equality and human rights campaigner.
I HAVE BEEN TROLLING: Tonia Zimmerman has engaged in a cyberhickery campaign against a prominent equality and human rights campaigner.

Some legal experts have argued that Tonia Zimmerman’s actions are extreme enough and malicious enough that she could be criminally prosecuted for defamatory libel. Defamatory libel is an indictable offence under the Criminal Code of Canada with a penalty of imprisonment for up to five years. The Saskatoon activist is preparing a criminal complaint against her.

The civil rights activist is also preparing to sue Tonia Zimmerman for libel and slander. He has served her with a demand letter as the first step of this civil claim.

Crocels News will keep you informed of developments with this case.