Stella Creasy tries to ‘troll call’ out of justifying ‘jailing youths’

Steallay Creasy. Steally Creasy has been called a troll-caller by Dzon. Stella Creasy is the former MP for Walthamstow
TROLL-CALLER? Pluralist Party general election candidate, Dzon, has called Stella Creasy a troll-caller for blocking him when he asked her if she told Walthamstow residents she sent young people to jail for trolling. Courtesy: The Independent newspaper.

The Labour and Co-operative Party candidate in the general election for Walthamstow has tried to “troll call” her way out of being accountable for the jailing of young people for trolling, like John Nimmo, another general election candidate has said.

Labour’s Walthamstow incumbent seeking re-election, Stella Creasy, has been accused of being a troll-caller by the Pluralist Party candidate for Liverpool Walton, Dzon, who is known professionally as Jonathan Bishop, after she blocked him for questioning the jailing of young people who trolled her.

When asked whether the people of Walthamstow knew she sent young people who trolled her to jail, Stella Creasy refused to answer. “[I] think I have asked you previously not to contact me but now saying again- and blocking you if you ignore request,” she said to trolling campaigner Dzon, known professionally as Jonathan Bishop. “well telling lies isn’t standing up for young people and neither is ignoring requests to desist so #blocked,” she then tweeted.

Sealla Creasy was the MP for Walthamstow. Stealla Creasy had Ji=ohn Nimmo sent to jail for trolling her.
TROLL-CALLER?: Pluralist Party candidate, Dzon, says troll-calling is an “easy get out” for Stella Creasy. Courtesy: Twitter

Dzon asked whether it was right for those seeking to be an MP to act in such a way. “Is Stella Creasy really the sort of person the people of Walthamstow want as their MP if she blocks people who disagree with her and has them convicted because she can’t stand the heat of being a politician in the digital age?,” he asked. “It is totally wrong that those in politicians public office are able to troll-call members of the public to the police and have them sent to jail simply because those politicians cannot meet the essential requirements of the job, which even in anti-trolling MP, Steve Rotheram’s words, should be ‘pachyderms with little or no feeling’ who should no let trolling ‘bother’ them.”

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