Sussex Police Questioned over Policing Priorities

A police force has come under criticism for its priorities in expending tax payers money on police time.

Sussex Police was challenged on Twitter by Internet trolling campaigner Jonathan Bishop, following police tactics in a Pride event and their treatment of severe trolling victim Nicola Brookes.

Bishop, who founded the Crocels Trolling Academy has spoken out against the targeting of trolling youths by police forces, many of whom live in dire poverty with few opportunities in life.

On Saturday at Brighton & Hove’s pride march, the BBC reported that there were allegations on social networking sites that some participants had been penned in because they had political banners. Yet it was only after going to the High Court that mother and trolling victim Nicola Brookes got the co-operation of Sussex Police. On Wednesday Sussex Police were reported by Crocels News to have arrested Lee Rimell, aged 31, a police officer found to have abused Nicola Brookes.