Music Pundit Nick Wood in eBay trolling feud

Nick Wood, the music pundit known for his frank commentaries has spoken of flame trolling abuse he suffered.

Wood, known for his support of Newcastle United and Kent Cricket Club, spoke of vile comments he received from selling an item on eBay belonging to his family, “One item we put on eBay was a remote control for my old Marantz amp,” he said, “Someone bought it for a tenner and we gaily skipped to the post office to send it off to Swindon.

Wood’s partner shortly received a distressing email, which Wood said “was unlike anything I had seen before. The complaint was legit; the new owner could not get the remote to work.

The message sent to Wood said;

“Well you know that it is broken. I am an electronics engineer you f****g pr**k, or a f*****g bi**h. not know who you are. I know one thing. You’re a pain in the ass of English society. You margins. You are the worst. You are a living example of a defect in the English system of values.”

Wood, a music expert, found the message totally out of place, “I’m of the opinion we all need a good kick up the arse to recognize that it’s not on anymore,” he said, “Music has told us for many years that we are all the same and that prejudices are wrong, and music hasn’t been as popular as it is now since the 70’s, so who acts like this?

Jonathan Bishop, who founded the Trolling Academy, said comments like this are all too often written in the moment, and in the case of eBay often unjustified because people purchase in the moment without reading the small print, “We all get into situations where we feel cheated, and it is all too easy to fire off that email explaining our thoughts,” he said, “sometimes such messages, called ‘playtime trolling’ should not be seen as a personal attack, but as a basis from which to understand the intensity of someone’s emotions.