Regulate social media platforms – Maria Miller

A United Kingdom Member of Parliament is calling for significant reform of the way social media is regulated in the country.

Maria Miller says more regulation is needed of social media platforms
SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE MARIA: Maria Miller says more regulation is needed of social media platforms. Courtesy: The Great Critique Blog

Maria Miller, who is the MP for Basingstoke, says the current system is circumnavigated by social media platforms. “We need to get the government to focus on the broader problem of internet abuse in its many and varied forms and not simply take a sticking plaster approach to it,” she said. “We have to make sure that as a country we are challenging the operators to clean up their act.
“Whether it’s Twitter, Google, Facebook, Instragram, all of them need to be much more clearly held to account for the way they are operating in our country.
These are multi-national companies who are hiding behind a cloak of anonymity and we need to expose them and get them to be more transparent in the way they are operating and the level of abuse that is going on through their operations.

Councillor Jonathan Bishop is an Internet trolling and cyberstalking expert who is the CEO of Action on Digital Addiction and Cyberstalking. “It is my view that the criminal laws for trolling are strong enough, although they could do with some tidying up as they date from 1988 to 2003,” he said. “When the United Kingdom leaves the EU it will be really difficult for ordinary citizens to take action against social media platforms, so I think it is essential that if Maria Miller’s proposals for a levy on social media firms goes ahead that it should fund an Internet Ombudsman like I proposed in 2010 and not the police, whose heavy handed approach to trolling goes too far in many cases.

Councillor Jonathan Bishop’s research paper that proposed an Internet Ombudsman was called “Tough on data misuse, tough on the causes of data misuse: A review of New Labour’s approach to information security and regulating the misuse of digital information (1997-2010)” and was published in the International Review of Law, Computers & Technology.