Corbyn rebels can’t take the heat

Members of the United Kingdom Parliament who rebelled against the leader of the UK Labour Party have gone crying to the police following the backlash against them on Twitter.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn faced mass resignations from members of his own party, many who served in the Governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and are known not to like the policies of the Leader of the Opposition, who otherwise has the support of his party faithful.

Treacherous Labour MPs can't take the heat on Twitter after pulling support for popular Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
BACK STABBERS: Treacherous Labour MPs can’t take the heat on Twitter after pulling support for popular Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Courtesy: Obtained from YouTube.

Within days of the disloyal resignations, at a time when expectations would be that the second largest group in the UK Parliament would be holding the Government to account following its failure to win a referendum on European Union membership, Labour MPs have been reporting members of the public to the police, capitalising on the death of Labour MP Jo Cox to silence their critics.

Police were reported to have rushed to the office of a woman Labour MP who allegedly took threats on Twitter as being credible. Another traitor was told to “kill” herself, and others forwarded tweets to the police.

Fears have risen among MPs who use Twitter following the killing of Labour MP Jo Cox during the European Union referendum, and subsequent racist violence. Research by Crocels has shown however that most violent threats are Twitter lack credibility, suggesting MPs are either overreacting or simply using such threats to further justify their treachery towards Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who refuses to resign despite harassment and bullying from his critics within the UK Labour Party’s parliamentary unit.