Convicted rapist’s victim forced to flee home

The victim of convicted rapist Ched Evans has been forced to flee her home in North Wales after being bombarded with death threats.

The 19-year-old girl was forced to leave her home in Rhyl, North Wales, where convicted rapist Evans is still seen as a local hero. Her identity had been illegally revealed on Twitter where she was accused of “crying rape” and “money grabbing”.

Ched Evans was convicted of raping a teenager, who has since received death threats and been forced to flee her home. Courtesy: Wikipedia

Convicted rapist Ched Evans, 23, was a former player for Manchester City, Norwich and Sheffield United. He was jailed in April by Caernarfon Crown Court after the court declared he lured the teenage girl to his hotel room after a drunken night out where he attacked her.

Some of Evans’ supporters on Twitter have been found guilty of revealing the identity of the teenager, and order to pay £624 compensation to her for illegally naming her on websites.

Internet trolling expert, Jonathan Bishop, a victim of a serious sexual assault himself says the girl’s life will never be the same, “One is afraid to go into any situation at all where things could be taken the wrong way,” he said. “You live every day afraid that if you do anything wrong an unethical barrister will turf up your past and use it against you.

Bishop says the Internet is not always the best place for victims to seek help. “You may go online thinking you can get help, from what are called ‘MHBFY Jennies’, but all too often you come across people called Snerts ready to abuse you,” he said. “Things are worse today with Hater Trollers, who will attack people just because they are a celebrity or have a difference with a celebrity.

A friend of the teenager who the court found was raped by Ched Evans described the situation. “The poor girl is at her wits’ end. She feels as though she’s the one to blame for this whole horrific ordeal,” they said. “Never in a million years did she believe that by reporting what happened to the police she would be driven out of her family home and into a different country. The abuse ranged from the vile to threats of death. It’s a disgrace.


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