‘Desperate’ Labour using smears

The Labour Party has been branded desperate over its attempts to smear Freeman of Llantrisant, Jonathan Bishop.

Freeman Bishop, 36, resides in Llantwit Fardre, but Labour activists have been suggesting he lives in Swansea. In fact, Swansea is where Freeman Bishop’s employer is based. “Though given you live in Swansea, I’m not surprised you know nothing about Llantrisant,” is a false statement one activist posted to Freeman Bishop’s campaigning page.

LABOUR OF LOVE: Owen Smith is the husband of Labour candidate, Liz Smith. Courtesy: Obtained from Facebook.
LABOUR OF LOVE: Labour candidate, Liz Smith, moved to Llantrisant in 2011. Courtesy: Obtained from Facebook.

Freeman Bishop says that the smears suggest desperation in Labour’s campaign. “The Labour candidate for Llantrisant Town , Liz Smith, has only lived in the area since 2011,” he said. “I have lived in every ward I have been a councillor in, which includes Llantwit Fardre and Treforest.
“I have also lived in Tyla Garw, which is in the boundaries of the ancient borough of Llantrisant and regularly use Beddau Post Office
Being a Freeman of Llantrisant and having beenĀ baptised and confirmed at Llantrisant Parish Church, from a long Llantrisant ancestry, Labour know I have more local credentials, so are trying to mislead people into thinking I live in Swansea, when that is where my employer is based.”


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