Labour candidate’s husband a ‘drug pusher’

The husband of the Labour candidate in the Llantrisant Town by-election, is a “drug pusher”, a colleague has said.

The husband of Labour candidate Liz Smith, who moved to Llantrisant from Surrey in 2011, has been called a “drug pusher” by Labour MP, Paul Flynn.

Paul Flynn MP is concerned that Liz Smith's husband, Owen, is a "drug pusher."
DRUG CONCERN: Paul Flynn MP is concerned that Liz Smith’s husband, Owen, is a “drug pusher.” Courtesy: Obtained from YouTube.

Despite being in the same party as Liz Smith and her husband Owen, Paul Flynn MP was highly critical of the Labour candidate’s husband. “The lobbyists are a curse, a cancer in the system. It’s insidious,” he said. “One of my main interests in politics is areas in which lobbyists used their wicked wiles to get access to government,” he continued. “One example is the pharmaceutical industry, who are the most greedy and deceitful organisations we have to deal with,” he concluded, adding: “I wasn’t too pleased by the fact that we had a drug pusher [in the Labour Party].

It is unclear how many animals were tested on during Liz Smith’s husband’s time at Pfizer, where it was responsible for lobbying for Pfizer to MPs and others working within the UK Parliament.

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