Carmarthen girl to stand in Llantrisant

Carmarthen girl, Louisa Mills, has announced she will be contesting the by-election in Llantrisant.

Carmarthen's Louisa Mills is standing for election in Llantrisant.
AWAY FROM HOME: Carmarthen’s Louisa Mills is standing for election in Llantrisant. Courtesy: Obtained from LinkedIn

Louisa Mills, who studied at Queen Elizabeth Cambria School in Carmarthen, is to stand to Llantrisant for the community council. “A crazy old man once told me, when I was a wide eyed little girl, that I was stood at a ‘gateway to the Other World’,” Louisa Mills said. “It was an otherwise ordinary family holiday in Land’s End, Cornwall.
What I couldn’t have known was that I was also stood in a moment that would direct my life in so many ways,” she concluded about Cornwall in England. “My favourite places to eat out are those that tend to have a lot of traditional Welsh food on their menus – it was The Cawdors hotel when I lived near Llandeilo,” she added.

Louisa Mills draws on experience for her time working for Cygnus Books in Llandeilo, Dyfed. “Over the years I’ve developed a unique art and talent for conveying it with well chosen words,” she said. “My avid career, in editorial and copywriting, is built largely on that eager perception – it means I can get straight to the heart of a brand or product and translate crucial sales messages into engaging and personal calls to action.

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