MASAUM conference a “scam” say police

The MASAUM series of conferences are fake, South Wales Police have said.

South Wales Police investigated an incident reported to them where an academic was conned out of at least $400 (£280) in terms of fees paid to MASAUM for a conference due to be held in Liverpool. The academic paid MASAUM to present a research paper at the conference, but it never materialised. The academic responded to a call for papers at WikiCFP, where a research colleague was listed as one of the chairs.

PC Lee Coates was the investigating officer and said that South Wales Police would be passing the case onto the relevant authorities. “I have made a number of searches online regarding MASAUM and have come across an independent blog that makes reference to MASAUM and how it is believed to be a scam,” he said. “The incident is potentially part of a complex global Internet scam and as a result is more appropriately dealt with by Action Fraud and NFIB who will be able to investigate and reference any other incidents involving MASAUM.

The named contact for MASAUM goes by the name of Shielia Nancey, who used the email address,, and claims to be its co-ordinator/secretary.