Trolling expert defends ‘free speech’ Facebook Page

An Internet trolling expert says that a Facebook page set up to support a man convicted of killing a teenager is ‘free speech.’

Jonathan Bishop, who runs the Trolling Academy, said that a page called ‘Free Christopher McGee,‘ which has as its aim to ‘tell Mr McGee’s family people are supporting him‘ should be expected in a democratic society.

McGee was jailed for five years for what the judge said was an “appalling disregard” for safety of Georgia Varley – the drunken 19-year-old teenager who fell to her death after McGee mistakenly called a train to pull out when Varley was leaning against it.

Even though Varley was drunk, the judge laid the blame firmly at McGee’s door, “You alone determined whether the train remained stationary or began to move,” the judge said. “Your decision and your action determined whether Georgia Varley was safe from risk.

One user of the Facebook Page was disgusted at the judgement, “Can’t understand how someone three times the drink drive limit was allowed out,” they said. “Its not his fault at all its her friends she was with and how have her parents allowed her to get in that state.

Another user argued that it was down to outdated chivalrous reasons why McGee was convicted, “The only reason Georgia Varley is getting ANY sympathy at all was she was a hot looking babe, that’s it,” they said.

Trolling expert Jonathan Bishop says this is free speech, “Whilst I thought those ‘R.I.P Trollers’ who set up a page to mock Georgia Varley’s death should have faced legal action, webpages like this are part of a democracy where all opinions, even if offensive, should be tolerated if they are legitimately held,” he said.